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For those of you who get to travel home this weekend, there are some things we think you should pack to stay comfy + cozy that will also help battle dryness (aka: heaters, dehydrating altitude from airplanes and ski slopes, and for some of you, the drying effects of too much wine or bubbly!).


Weleda Skin Food — I’ve been using this secret weapon on clients and myself for years because it’s formulated for super dry skin but doesn’t break any of us out. If you use this as a night cream religiously, you will make it through the holidays and the entire winter without a dry chin or nose. $18

Egyptian Magic — This is an investment but the tub will last you at least a year (I’ve had mine for 3!). It has only these natural ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly & Propolis Extract and is a super soother + healer for cracked skin. Rub it between your fingers and it melts into an oil. For those of us with oily skin, I know you’re conditioned to believe that oil products will break you out, but that’s mineral oil, not a lot of other oils. Technically, I can’t say this won’t break you out, but I would bet my favorite cousin that it won’t! Believe it or not, oily skin with breakouts gets MORE irritated when it’s dried out. If you put a small amount of a good-for-you oil cream on it daily, your face will become balanced and will stop feeling the need to create more oil. Gotta trust me on this one! $36

Skindinavia Moisture Lock Spray — this hydrating spray not only sets your makeup so it lasts for hours, but it also locks in moisture so you can combat the dry air better. $29

Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm — these gorgeous tinted lip balms are incredibly moisturizing for your cracked lips while having the sweetest feminine 16 shades to choose from. Winter months are all about tinted lip balms as far as I’m concerned now that they come in so many pretty colors. $5.99


Deep Conditioning Treatment: Whether you want to do a store bought deep treatment or make your own at home, just do it! This is a great time to give your hair a break from all those heat tools! Here’s how:  Hop in the shower, shampoo as usual, rinse the shampoo out, towel dry, apply the treatment, cover with a shower cap, leave as long as you can. We recommend 1 hour if you can make the time.  Deep treatments need to stay wet in order to keep working, so it’s important to cover with either a shower cap or if you don’t have one, wrap it up with some good ol’ saran wrap! Rinse when ready with warm water. If the water is super hot it will strip a lot of the nutrients right out!

Scrunchie: Ok, everyone calm down. We’re not saying 2012 is going to be all about the scrunchie. We’re just saying maybe grab one of these funny little things for your very private time with the family. There’s no denying how comfy/cozy they are and they give your hair a break from the tightness and pulling of those thick elastics we love so much. With these gems, the softer the material the better. Some of us will be in our pj’s and wearing them with pride!

Coconut oil: A TBD favorite for the ends of your hair. The moisturizing properties in real coconut oil is out of this world! Rub some into your ends and put your hair in a bun before bed. When you get up, shower, shampoo and condition as usual.

Hair DO’s: Below are some good options for low maintenance hair styles.  They require little to no heat and you can accessorize them with sparkle to make them more festive! You know Kristin and Lauren’s motto… “Just put a bow on it!”


Splish splash: For Lauren’s own relaxing DIY bath remedies, click HERE.

Hydrate: Drink LOTS & LOTS of water! Try adding THESE helpful hints of flavor to make regular old H2O more interesting. Go in the kitchen while you’re at home and create your own new delicious recipe (and share them with us, please!).

Ok pretty people, that’s our list. What do you think should be added? Leave your suggestions in the comment box!