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This past weekend I headed to the nail salon with my roommate for a mani-pedi.  I don’t get my nails done very often because I prefer to do a color change every few days and enjoy painting them myself so this was a treat. When we arrived I selected my color (cherry red) and she, instead of doing the same, informed me she would be getting a gel manicure.  I was curious because I had seen the finished product, but never seen it applied.  I watched as the manicurist applied layers to my roommate’s nails and had her place her hands under a blue light in-between each.  She repeated this several times and then it was done.  They looked beautiful and promised to remain that way for up to 2-3 weeks.  This sounded almost too good to be true so I decided to do a little research on these gel nails…

First, I learned that there are two different kinds of gel nails.  The first is the one my roommate opted for.  This was a light cured gel.  It is a premixed gel that is applied to your nail and then cured using an ultra violet light.  Now growing up in a beach town and seeing first hand the damage cause by UV rays this makes me a bit nervous.  It seems too much like a tiny tanning bed for your hands, so I was very excited to read about the second type of gel nails.  The latter process yields a similar result, but does not use a ultra violet light.  Instead the gel is cured using an activator that is painted on top or simply by dipping your nails in water.  While the first is more commonly used in salons, I’d prefer the second.  These manicures are a great option for ladies that don’t have a lot of spare time for nail upkeep or if you are going on a trip and don’t want to worry about your manicure. Now for a few of the downsides. One complaint is that removal can be a little difficult as it is recommended that you return to the salon to have them removed.  If you try and do it yourself you could take off a layer of your nail causing unwanted damage.  Another downfall is that color options can be very limited and there isn’t much use in investing in a long lasting manicure if you hate the color.  Also, gel manicures can cost you a pretty penny… running several times the price of a regular manicure.  So there are the fact ladies.  What do you think?  Are these manicures worth a try or would you rather just stick with a good old fashion manicure?

XO Lauren


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Dark spots, premature aging, and wrinkles- oh my!! ‬Summer is quickly
approaching which means long days spent in the sunshine. Today we shudder
at our mother’s stories of applying baby oil to their skin before
tanning. Today we are much more aware of the drastic side effects of
too many hours in the sun. But is it possible that we have become too
cautious about that shining sphere in the sky? So we ask, how much sun
is too much sun? Well listen up ladies because here’s the scoop…

The good stuff:

One of the biggest benefits of sunshine is that it provides your body
with Vitamin D. This helps your body protect itself against internal
cancers, as well as various neurological, cardiovascular, immune and bone
diseases, osteoporosis, depression, breast cancer, and even affects diabetes and obesity (just to name a few). What’s that you say? Sunshine can help prevent cancer? That’s right kids!

The not so good stuff:

It’s a well known fact the too much sun exposure can cause skin damage
such as benign tumors, wrinkles, freckles and skin discoloration.  But
a scarier threat is the big C. UV radiation from the sun is the
number one cause of skin cancer today. Also caused by over exposure to
the sun are Pre-cancerous skin lesions which are less threatening, but
must be surgically removed by a doctor. I am speaking from experience.
I have two scars on my back and I only have my failure to properly apply
sunscreen to blame.

But what does this all mean??

The sun both causes cancer and prevents it?? Then what do I do? I think
the lesson to take away here is that the sun is a wonderful thing.
It’s beneficial to our health and if enjoyed responsibly it’s nothing
to be afraid of.  So here are a few tips…

-Hats and sunglasses aren’t just accessories.  They can provide
protection to both your face and eyes. So bring them along on your
adventures in the sun.

– SPF 30 is most recommended.  Try a spray-on brand. They only take a
moment to apply.

– If possible avoid direct sunlight between the hours of noon and 3pm
because this is when the sun is at its strongest.