Photos and Post by Eunice

Face it, every now and then you’ll encounter days where your skin is dull, dry, and simply needs a little pick-me-up. Enter: Korean face mask sheets. Each sheet is soaked in powerful ingredients made to hydrate and elevate your skin’s health. Over the last couple of years, Korean face mask sheets have become increasingly popular, in demand, and in turn, more accessible. Nowadays, you can find face mask sheets in Sephora, Target, and even Forever 21.

Face mask sheets have become a part of my skincare routine 1-2 times a week. My mom hooked me into face mask sheets years ago. It is such an easy and simple way of hydrating and revitalizing your skin. Just wash your face thoroughly, lay in bed, and apply this face mask sheet and let it soak in for 15-20 mins. I do this before I go to bed, so by the morning my face feels fresh and hydrated.

Below are some face mask sheets I highly recommend:

Other places I like to buy Korean face mask sheets are at The Face Shop (a Korean beauty store*) and Peach & Lily (a Korean beauty e-commerce shop).

(P.S. The face mask sheets pictured in the opening photo are from The Face Shop)

*So, The Face Shop currently does not have a US website but they have brick + mortar stores throughout the US. Some are in New York, Maryland, Virginia, California… Do a Google search to see if one is nearby you!

Have you guys used face mask sheets before? Let me know, and have a wonderful weekend!

xx Eunice