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My brows naturally grow straight across. I love the straight brow trend on supermodels and of course always believe we should embrace what we have. But… you can cheat them a little with this technique I learned a few years ago from my brow guru Sarah Agajanian.

Here’s the trick: If you brush your brows a few times a day in direction you want them to grow, you’ll re-train the hairs to grow that way. I have to say I looked at her like she was living in a dream world but what did I have to lose? So I kept a spoolie on my vanity and every time I got out of the shower, I brushed them up and over. I did the same after washing my face. Then again before filling them in… basically any time I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror! It only took two seconds per brow so I didn’t mind. A couple months later I noticed I had a little more of an arch. A year later we couldn’t believe how much higher the arch looked. Maybe because the hairs now grew upward instead of over; I didn’t really care why, I just liked the way they framed my eyes differently. Then Sarah exaggerated the arch with her waxing magic and I had arched brows!






I know you’re probably as skeptical as I was when I first heard about this trick! But try it for a few months and let us know if you notice a difference! Once you’ve trained the hairs to grow upward, you or your esthetician will have an easier shape to work with when waxing/tweezing/threading them.


For those of you asking about the lavender eye shadow from the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posts (and the “Before A Date” shot above, it’s this one!





If you’re planning on getting glam for any remaining holiday parties, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve combed through tons of our hair tutorials and selected 12 hairstyles that will keep you all aglow! Links to each are available below!

  1. FAKING A BLOWOUT: This one is great for pretty much any hair type. If you want to wear your hair down and polished looking, this one’s for you!
  2. BRAIDED CHIGNON: As long as you know how to do a dutch/inside-out french braid, this is easy. This hairstyle always gets lots of attention and you’ll likely be telling everyone how you did it all night.
  3. SIMPLE FRENCH TWIST… WITH A TWIST: This is do-able on long or short hair. This tutorial was done on collar bone length hair so don’t fret! Click on the link to see how to secure shorter lengths in an updo.
  4. SHORT HAIR HALF UP: I loooove this half updo for shorter hair. Mostly because you can add any gorgeous accessory to the back.
  5. THE INFINITY BUN: This quickly became a favorite around here. I just made this up out of no where a while ago and have now used it so many times. It’s a great way to get a more voluminous bun.
  6. THE BRAID-Y BUNCH: An oldie but a very goodie!
  7. SHORT HAIR CHIGNON: This was done on very fine, short hair and it’s honestly easier on finer hair. It’s a bit difficult to do on short thick hair because you have to be able to tuck the ends into each other before pinning. The thicker it is, the harder it can be to conceal the ends and make them blend in.
  8. ROPE BRAID BUN: So romantic, so chic. Perfect for a holiday date… a holi-date!
  9. FRENCH FISHTAIL BRAID: Calling all cool girls. This braid has a casual vibe but also shows that you put a bit of effort into your look.
  10. NATURAL TEXTURE CHIGNON: So much volume to work with when it comes to natural hair! This perfectly full twist/bun combo would look stunning with almost any dress, to be honest.
  11. VOLUMINOUS PONYTAIL: Speaking of volume. Learn the trick to this big ol’ pony right here!
  12. WILD WAVES: Get better, longer lasting waves for your holiday party and get them easily by adding this one little trick to your regimen!


the beauty department the natural contour + highlight

Post/Photos: Amy Nadine, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

We’ve seen quite a lot of contouring and highlighting the last few years… some are nailing it, some are afraid to even attempt it and others are walking around looking, well, a little like fashion victims. I hate to say it! Especially because I think makeup is a creative expression and I hate when people call someone else’s makeup “wrong”. But there’s always room for improvement and constructive criticism (blend blend blend!) and this contouring and highlighting technique just might make all the difference in the world! Because when it comes to C&H, it’s better if people didn’t know you did it and it shouldn’t be read by the naked eye.

the beauty department natural contour + highlighting trick

So try this: instead of doing it after you apply foundation (with cream or powder contouring & highlighting products), do it before with liquid or cream products!! Then apply foundation lightly over it and around it using a stippling motion with a dampened egg sponge.  It gives a much more natural look and people won’t notice that you added the dimensions back in. Here’s how:

the beauty department natural contour + highlighting tools



the beauty department contour

  1. After moisturizing your face, apply two drops of liquid bronzer onto the palm of your hand.
  2. Swirl the foundation brush into the bronzer to load it up.
  3. Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks. Follow the hollow by pressing the brush repeatedly as you move along just under the cheekbone.
  4. Sweep the brush along the temple.
  5. Sweep the brush along the hairline.
  6. Sweep the brush just under the jawline.

the beauty department highlight

7.  Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the liquid highlighter into the palm of your hand.

8.  Load up the kabuki concealer brush by swirling it into the highlighter.

9.  Sweep the brush along the under-eye area to draw the bottom half of an infinity sign.

10.  Continue drawing the infinity sign above the brow as demonstrated above.

the beauty department foundation

11.  Pump a few drops of foundation into the palm of your hand.

12.  Dip the egg-shaped sponge into the foundation a few times to load it up.

13.  Lightly stipple (press repeatedly) the sponge along the perimeter of the highlighted and contoured cheek areas and gently over them.

14. Repeat on the forehead.

15.  Repeat on the nose, chin and any other bare areas.

16.  Finish with a pop of cream blush on the top half of the apple of the cheeks.

Set everything with powder and you’re good to go!




Here’s the deal. If you only have dark circles, you can apply a concealer that is a half shade lighter than your foundation to the under-eye area and be good to go. But… if you have dark circles and puffy “bags,” you’re actually making things look worse!

Remember back in Art class: One of the first things we studied was dimensions and we learned that if you shade something with a darker color, it will “push” it to the background, like it’s further away. On the contrary, if you paint with a lighter shade, it “pulls” that area to the foreground, making it appear closer. We can apply that theory here!



Here’s the trick: Under-eye shadows need a lighter shade to bring them forward. Puffy bags are already in the foreground and need to be pushed back, which is why you want a slightly darker shade. A lighter shade will bring them even more forward, making them look puffier! That’s the last thing you need!





  1. After applying foundation all over the face and neck, look in the mirror and focus your eye to only see the dark area. This is not the puffy area! This is the area that is darker and most likely closest to your nose or under the puffy “bag”. Trace the correcting pen over the dark area to lighten it up.
  2. Now notice only the part that is puffy and raised. Apply the liquid concealer in the slightly darker shade directly on top of it.
  3. Blend with your finger by tapping it instead of smearing it.
  4. Continue tapping as you move across.