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Don’t you just hate it when you come home from dinner, take off your sweater ever-so carefully then check the collar only to see makeup still managed to come off on it!? It’s the worst and costs you another trip to the dry cleaners. So the other night, determined not to let it keep happening, I tried this easy little trick and it worked like a charm. Every single time. Here’s how:

  1. Fold a washcloth in half. I’ve tried it with a tissue but it doesn’t have the weight to stay put like a washcloth.
  2. Place it across your collar as demonstrated on Lacy above.
  3. Tuck it tightly around the collar.
  4. Cross your hands across your waist and grab the two sides of the bottom of the sweater.
  5. Lift the sweater to your shoulders.
  6. Pull the sweater off like you normally would. Check and see! No makeup on either side of the collar. Hallelujah!!

For those of you that have trouble putting the sweater on without getting makeup on the collar, try this technique: put both arms in the sleeves, tuck your chin down to your chest, put the top of your scalp through the opening and pull the sweater away from your face as you pull it down. And for those of you who love this adorable bunny sweater, you can snatch it up here! Just be prepared to get a gazillion compliments…


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Have you ever curled wrapping ribbon by running it against the hard edge of opened scissors? This spoon technique draws from the same action and is one of the oldest tricks in the book. I learned this back in school at the Makeup Designory and thought my teacher was a little off her rocker when she included a spoon on our list of tools for our kit! But after teaching us how to do it and practicing on each other, I quickly became a believer. Some even swear it curls their lashes better than a lash curler.  I think it looks a little more natural than the curler (revisit our Perfect Pinch Tutorial here) but I personally still prefer the lash curler but only by a little. Anyway, try it and decide for yourself. Here’s how!  (more…)


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

I can’t stress this quick tip enough. Do not blend with the same brushes that you used to apply the shadow! Don’t do it! Hear my voice in your head and put the brush down, grab a clean unused one and blend with that one.

Why? Because when you create a smoky eye, you’re depositing a lot of product onto the lid, so how can you truly blend the shadow you’ve precisely placed if there’s still product on the brush? You’re just applying more, not blending. And smoky eyes are all about blending. Furthermore, you typically use more than one shade when creating a smoky eye (lighter on the lid and darker in the crease or The Reverse Smoky Smoke with the darker on the lid and the lighter in crease), so if you blend with the brush that you applied one of the colors with, the remaining product on the brush will spread over the entire area and create a sloppy and muddy look. What’s the point of taking the time to do something pretty to only undo it or not finish it properly?



  1. After you’ve finished your smoky eye, grab a clean, unused brush and blend all over by sweeping the brush back and forth in a windshield wiping motion then in smaller swirling motions, then again with bigger motions.
  2. Continue until there are no harsh edges.

If you don’t have a clean brush in your arsenal (you know who you are!), no worries, just put your laptop down and take a trip into your makeup bag and clean them so I can sleep tonight knowing our TBD readers clean their brushes regularly! Revisit my Brush Cleaning Tutorial if you need a refresher. Thank you!



Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

It seems from comments and emails that some of you still don’t confident feel enough to wing your liner, so I’m going to keep thinking of ways to make it easier for you! This trick is awesome because if you can press a brush in a stamping motion, you can create a cat eye. The width of an angled liner brush is precisely the length of the flick you would draw in a cat eye, so instead of drawing it, just stamp it! Here’s how: (more…)