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I love this look for Homecoming, New Year’s or any time you’re feeling really festive! And because the glitter is light and paired with a light shadow instead of a dark smoky eye, it’s more wearable than you might think. Just know that it’s compliment-intensive so be prepared to say “oh thank you” a lot! Here’s exactly what I did on singer-songwriter Lexie Hofer above:



  1. Apply the light pink shadow all over the lid and crease.
  2. Press your finger in any kind of balm to get it slightly tacky. MAC Pro has a Mixing Medium that works great, but if you don’t want to make the investment, use a light layer of lip balm. Then press it in the 2-D glitter to load a light layer and stamp it across the lid.
  3. Press your finger in the 3-D glitter
  4. Stamp it across the lid and crease.
  5. Line your upper lid with the black liquid liner. Wing it out and up for a cat eye (optional).
  6. Wrap your finger with Scotch tape, making sure the sticky side is on the outside. Press it wherever glitter has dropped down on your cheeks to pick it up. Revisit my Glitter Picker Upper Tutorial for more details!
  7. Sweep the black shadow along the lower lashline (I concentrated it on the outer half but you can certainly apply it along the entire lashline).
  8. Finish with a couple coats of mascara.

I paired it with a hot pink lipstick (Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky) but you can rock a red too!


Photo:, post designed by lauren conrad

Just out of curiosity… how long does it take you ladies to get ready for your day? (We’re talking hair + makeup, not getting dressed and out the door.) Are you a natural beauty, requiring only a few minutes to get through your morning routine? Or are you a committed beautician who likes to take her time to accomplish perfection? Do tell…

XO Lauren