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tbd valentine kiss proof lipsteps


Most guys that I’ve talked to say they hate when their girlfriends arrive on a date wearing red lipstick. Not that they don’t think we look pretty in it, but that they’ve had bad experiences with it ending up on their lips too! Or their collars! Luckily, lip stains have come a long way. These give head-turning color payoff unlike a conventional stain and absolutely will not budge. Let them dry for a few minutes then kiss a tissue and see there’s not a mark on it. Brilliant! Here’s how:

tbd faves 1



  1. Apply the stain all over the lip area. Work within the perimeter as it’s easier to go back and fill that part in with the brush as opposed to going back and erasing a stain that has gone outside of the line with a q-tip.
  2. Go back and perfect the edges by dipping the brush against the stain that is already on your lip area and tracing the outline.
  3. If there is a gloss that comes with the stain, apply it once the stain is completely dry.






Believe it or not there’s a lot more to air drying hair than just letting your hair dry……. in the air. There are steps you can take to make your air dried hair look pretty epic and it’s not as hard as you might think. Follow these tips and find the air drying product for your hair type down at the bottom!

air dry air drying hair the beauty department

  1. Use a WIDE TOOTH COMB to detangle while you’re in the shower or immediately after you get out. Don’t wait too long to comb through or your curl wave pattern will break up. Find your part (if you want one) and do a quick comb through.
  2. Pick your favorite product from the round up below for air drying! I have different favorites for different hair needs so be sure you’re using the one best suited for your own hair. (Here we’re using the new AIR DRY FOAM for which I added a shopping link down below and more info!)
  3. “Scrunch” the product of your choice into your hair. Be sure to deliver the right amount to the area where your hair needs it most– for example, if you want volume, scrunch a volume-focused product into the root and work your way to the ends. If you want to focus on moisture, start at the bottom where your hair may be the driest and work your way up using a moisture-focused product.
  4. A long time ago I told you guys about my favorite thing for curly hair– t-shirt drying. Use an old t-shirt to squeeze excess moisture out of the hair. Using a t-shirt instead of a towel is genius because the little loops from a towel can easily cause frizz whether you realize it or not! They’re like teeny tiny little combs and sometimes hairs stick to them as you scrunch, breaking up the curl.
  5. Always flip your head upside down and give it a little scrunch. By doing that you can avoid that “pasted down” look that is often a result of air drying. By flipping a scrunching you’re lifting the root off your head just a little. For more volume, do this a couple times as it dries.
  6. Continue scrunching from the bottom up as the hair dries. Not a ton, but just a couple times here and there to encourage the wave or curl.
  7. If you have “puffy hair”, and it tends to get wide or super frizzy, twist your hair into a loose bun for 10-20 minutes as you air dry. Then let it to continue drying. That should help contain some of that puffiness.
  8. At the end, add a good HAIR SERUM of your choice! Only if you feel like you need it! If you don’t, lucky you. Sometimes just for extra polishing, I’ll take a flat iron on low heat and just finish off my ends very lightly. Sounds silly because the point of this is air drying but if you’re going somewhere and you just want it a little more refined, seal down your ends with the lightest amount of heat. You’re still skipping heat styling on 90% of the hair.

Here are my favorites for each hair type, including the one we used up top!

the beauty department air drying

  1. R + CO CHIFFON This is more like a light leave in conditioning foam, in my opinion. I wasn’t expecting that the first time I used it. I thought it was going to be more like a regular mousse with a little hold. My hair didn’t have hold at all, it was just soft and bouncy. This is great for anyone needing additional softness when air drying. You can use this on straight, wavy or curly hair. Not going to do anything for puffy or frizzy hair, really.
  2. JOHN FRIEDA AIR DRY FOAM I loved this and it’s super affordable. It gives a very light hold and doesn’t feel heavy. Weightless foams are becoming very popular for air drying and this was the one we used up top. Kept the waves in and frizz out. May not be enough hold for curlier hair types though.
  3. LEONOR GREYL ECLAT NATUREL I’ve been using this stuff for years. I love this for over processed blondes and anyone with significant dryness. Natural oils are packed into this cream and it’s sooooooo great. It brings the most dead hair back to life. Major nourishment.
  4. SACHAJUAN OCEAN MIST Love this for exactly what you’d think. Beachy waves. Some ocean sprays have a lil too much grit for my liking, leaving the hair feeling like there’s a film on it. This doesn’t do that at all and it’s pretty light weight which works well on finer hair (as most ocean sprays do not).
  5. ORIBE CURL GLOSS Anybody air drying major curls should have this is their bathroom. It lasts a long time (which is important because it’s pretty pricey) but I love it SO much. Curly hair lacks moisture, and often lacks shine because of that. This brings back the shine in a way that just looks healthy, not wet and crunchy.
  6. SEBASTIAN WHIPPED CREAM This one is amazing for classic wavy hair and curly hair that needs more volume. It’s whipped and literally feels like whipped cream. It encourages waves and curls to get “bigger” but also feels moisturizing at the same time.
  7. LIVING PROOF CURL ENHANCING STYLING MOUSSE I like this for anyone who’s in between. So let’s say you have not-quite-wavy or not-quite curly hair. This curl enhancer will knock you into the next bracket because it actually help form stronger curl patterns.
  8. DR BRONNERS FAIR TRADE ORGANIC HAIR CREME Shout out to my organic, vegan- loving curly girls. This a cream formula made from organic natural ingredients. I love it for anyone who needs to “take it down a notch” with the width of their hair. If you hair gets big and wide, work some of this in from root to ends and see it settle. The weight doesn’t over-power. It just helps to calm excess volume. Also, feels like you’ve had conditioner in your hair the whole time when you go to rinse it out.
  9. ORIBE GEL SERUM For those of you who need MORE! If you already have wave or curl and you want it big big big, use some gel serum. I love this for wild, untamed crazy curls. It’s going to give you a MAD curly hair flip.
  10. SEBASTIAN POTION 9 I’ve been using this since I was a kid and I’ve used it on many hair types. It’s great for the slightest hold and for adding shine and moisture. I don’t use it every time I shampoo, just once a week or so when my fine but very thick hair feels like it needs a little extra moisture and I don’t have time to do a treatment!

Do you have any favorites for air drying?




Sleep time can be used to make our puffy eyes better. Or how you’re sleeping can actually be making it worse! There are two ways that can majorly improve your under-eye area and wake up actually looking rested. Here’s how:


TRICK #1: Prop your head, neck and shoulders up with an extra pillow. If you lie flat, you’re not doing yourself any favors. But if you prop your head, neck and shoulders up a little by using two pillows instead of one, it will help with lymphatic drainage, fighting the tendency for things to get puffy. Worth it in my book! If you don’t own two pillows and don’t want to spend anything, you can fold your pillow in half. If you’re a side sleeper like I am naturally, try to break the habit. It helped me to prop another pillow under my knees in the beginning. Apparently it takes two weeks to break a habit, so work at it for a couple weeks and see how you do. I can’t say there aren’t mornings that I don’t wake up on my side but that’s something beyond my control so I let it go!


TRICK # 2: This is for when we have a big day coming up and we really want to look our best! With your head propped up AND your under-eyes equipped with an eye mask or loaded up with eye gel, you’re doubly combating the issue and will be ecstatic with the results.




There’s actually a third trick that I hopefully taught you a couple years ago when applying your eye cream at night to avoid waking up to puffy eyes. Remember? You can revisit it here!





It’s easy to think you can only tackle acne OR aging, but not both at the same time. So if  we have acne, we just focus on that because it’s an immediate issue, and we don’t think we have the luxury to worry about the future, or we think an anti-wrinkle cream will break us out. Well here’s a proposed nighttime routine to battle both simultaneously the way that I do! Every night, start with your favorite anti-acne product, but only apply it thinly in the areas that you need it. Then quickly switch to your favorite anti-aging cream and apply it over the areas that you don’t worry about now but will creep up on you later! Here’s how:


  • Look for an anti-acne medication that has either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide combined with soothing formulas that won’t cause a third problem: irritation (try this one) or try this one that uses a more natural approach. But if you have found one that works for you, stick with it!
  • Two of our favorite anti-aging creams are this one for its powerful vitamin C and triple oxygen and this one for its combination of peptides, hyalauronic acid and anti-oxidants. Or try this one if you’re on a budget!



  1. Pump the size of a half-pea onto the palm of your hand.
  2. Slap your hands back and forth like you’re dusting them off to really thin it out across your fingers.
  3. Quickly swipe your fingers against your cheeks like you’re wiping off something that landed on them.
  4. Repeat on your forehead (if that’s an acne-prone area for you).
  5. Swipe them along the top and sides of your nose.
  6. Finally swipe them across your chin.



  1. Pump a couple times onto your fingertips as demonstrated above.
  2. Wipe your fingers back and forth against each other to spread it evenly.
  3. Dab it under your eyes (not too close so it doesn’t creep in while you’re sleeping and irritate them, causing puffiness) as well as on the upper lids themselves.
  4. Dab it along your lip lines and nasal labial lines.
  5. Finish by patting the rest over your neck and chest.

If this is too much for you (you know who you are, just admit it!), there are anti-acne anti-aging systems that tackle both in one solution! This one is my personal favorite and this one is popular too! Just remember, if you spend your twenties and thirties only concerned about clear skin, you’re missing years that you could have had under your belt tackling future wrinkles that one day appeared out of nowhere when you look in the rear-view mirror  at a stop light. It’s the one thing I wish I could tell my younger self regarding skincare… And don’t forget sunscreen!!