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Post + Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Soooo, most of you are probably aware that festival season is among us! Yes, beware of Instagram during this time. You might see a lot of photos from festival attendees in all their super cute festival get-ups. I’d say each year, the festival fashion just keeps getting better and better and it makes it so hard to shop when I just want everything! Well, in honor of festival season, I’ve put together a SIMPLE, basic list of what you should bring if you are attending a music festival this year…

  1. Backpack or this adorable “Fanny Pack” – This suede fringe backpack is everything and is perfect for a music festival (plus it’s super affordable!). Now if you’re feeling a little 90s vibe, this fanny pack — or as they call it a “waist + hip purse belt” — has festival vibes written all over it.
  2. Portable Phone Charger – With all the videos/photos you’ll be taking and by simply being on the outdoor fields all day, trust me, you’ll need a backup charger! Who likes having a dead phone anyways? (Not me!)
  3. Temporary Tattoos - Oooooh, I’ll definitely be tatting myself with these! This is such a fun way to accessorize yourself without having real accessories weigh you down or having the fear of losing your jewelry.
  4. Hair Accessories: option ONE, TWO, or THREE – Move over flower headbands! These are the hair accessory pieces I’ll be rocking this year. I love the delicacy of each piece. Simple. Understated. Festival Approved.
  5. Ponytail Holders - So my day will probably start with wearing my hair down, but as the day goes on, I’ll most likely end up wearing my hair up because a) it’s hot out, b) my hair looks frizzy/out-of-control, c) get my hair out of my face, and d) have an excuse of wearing THESE super cute ponytail holders (I love that touch of gold metal).
  6. Mini Hair Brush -  This is one of my favorite hair brushes to use, and it even comes in a mini travel size.  I, personally, like to maintain my hair if I know I’ll be out all day….so, I’ll definitely be carrying one of these in my bag.
  7. Hand Sanitizer (Bonus: the sanitizer case!) – Um, if you’re a clean/germ freak like I am, I’ll be carrying this for sure. Yes, I know there are hand sanitizing stations at festivals but it’s always convenient to have a personal one for yourself. Plus, how festive is this sanitizer holder?!!
  8. Oil Blotting Sheets – You’re in the heat, you’re outside all day, and your face starts to get oily/shiny-looking…don’t mind me as I step aside to blot my face in order to keep it as fresh as can be.
  9. Drink Sleeves - Ok, so maybe you don’t necessarily HAVE to bring these drink sleeves (or as I’d like to call them, ‘koozies’) but they are just super cute + playful and it would also make for a pretty cool Instagram photo (just saying).
  10. Sandals: option ONE or TWO – Lace-up sandals are so in right now. Plus, these sandals are neutral-colored so they’ll match any outfit. Now if you want to step up the sandal game a bit, the sandals with the big gems are a great alternative!
  11. Sunglasses: option ONE or TWO – Festivals give you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and wear different kinds of fashion accessories that you typically don’t get to wear everyday. Exhibit A: these sunglasses are perfect for wearing to a music festival.

Also, please do not forget to pack + wear some SPF because we know how important it is to protect your skin from the sun!

Are you attending a music festival this year? If so, what are some of your must-have items to bring to a festival? Sound off in the comments below!




I’ve always recommended keeping two spoons in the freezer to have on hand for an important date so you can place them under your eyes to help bring your puffy “bags” down. I also know that a lot of pageant contestants use Preparation H to bring the swelling of the puffy bags down, but I’ve never tried that and could never imagine buying it at the store, even though I’m sure it works great! You’ve also seen my Sleeping Technique Tutorial to help drain while you’re sleeping. Today, we’re sharing another way that will help bring down the bags, passed on to me by my dear friend and celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati!

TBDGotBags steps

It combines the cooling power of the spoons with the moisturizing power of your favorite eye cream! It might seem silly but don’t be so quick to dismiss. Try it on one eye and do your own experiment! For a traditional cream, apply it as demonstrated above by dotting NOT directly on your crow’s feet or lashlines but a few millimeters below so it doesn’t creep into your eyes, irritate them and cause more puffiness and swelling. Then pat it in. If you’re using one with an applicator tip, roll it back and forth in the same area above and really feel the cold tightening everything. Then pat in any excess with your finger if you’re applying makeup right away, otherwise, let it soak in on its own if you have a little more time. Yes, it’s not the most convenient place to keep eye cream, but what I do is when I go in the kitchen in the morning to feed the dogs, I grab my eye cream from the fridge and apply it right then and there!



For those of us on a budget, this one with its tri-ball roller is my favorite drug store find!




Summer’s creepin’ hard and if you’re in Southern California like us, it has arrived early. Wherever you live, warm weather means messy waves, braids and ponytails so let’s start with this gem, shall we? This look was created on the fly with no plan so excuse the unconventional-ness of it, but sometimes those make the best looks. Alright, here we go…

You’ll need (click for product details)

Air dry your hair for this tutorial for better waves and more support —>> Remember the airdrying/waves tutorial?

messy knotted ponytail tutorial


  1. Add some quick wand waves all around the head.
  2. Go in different directions for a messier result. Don’t brush out your waves when you finish, just finger comb at the most.
  3. Next, add a little texture powder into the hair. I like to do a LITTLE bit all over because too much will make the hair feel sticky and gross. Just a little sprinkle all over will make it feel beach-y and look fuller. The main reason we use texture powder for this is so the little strands don’t slip. Texture powder creates an amazing grip, making it much less likely for the bobby pins to slide out.
  4. Once your texture powder is applied, take two small strands from the front (right around the temple area) and pull them back.
  5. Tie those in a half knot.
  6. Take two of your mini bobby pins and criss cross them through the half knot to secure.
  7. Now the tricky part! Take those two strands from the tail of your knot and criss cross them underneath the ponytail near the nape of your neck. Grab one of your MICRO CLIPS and secure the criss crossed pieces behind the ponytail. Wiggle the tiny clip into the ponytail to conceal it. Seems like you’d see them, but trust me, these are so small, they disappear into the ponytail (which looks and feels extra thick because of the texture powder).
  8. Gather a little more hair from the back to thicken up each strand before pulling it around and tying it again.
  9. Repeat as many times as desired.  You can do it once, twice or 5 times if it will work with your length!
  10. Last you’ll want to pull the hair gently to create a little more texture. Add another sprinkling of texture powder if desired.

Love this pony for a party, a long weekend (might look even cooler second day) and it could also be a good music festival hair idea! If you try the messy knotted ponytail, be sure to tag us so we can see your handiwork! @THEBEAUTYDEPT




Every season I try to create one tutorial with a pretty and simple way to reflect the season with your makeup! This Spring, bring your lids to life with this totally wearable metallic silver shadow and pair it with this happy cheek and soft coral lip pop. Here’s how:





  1. Wet the lid brush in water and dip it in the silver shadow to create a paste. Sweep it across the lid and crease to create a single color wash.
  2. Wet the eyeliner brush in water and dip it in the brown shadow to create a paste. Trace it along the upper lashline as demonstrated on Brooke above. You can also wing it out and up if you prefer elongating your eye.
  3. Add a couple coats of mascara.
  4. If you wear foundation/powder, now is the time to apply it. Then smile in the mirror so your apples pop out and swirl the blush on the top half of them.
  5. Finish by applying the tinted lip balm directly from the tube.