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photo: tom munro/design: eunice chun

Of course there are many ways to line our eyes… just the top lashline, just the bottom, just the inner waterline, all depending on our mood that day… but try not to forget about this lovely option, integrating all three lines into a sharp and gorgeous wing! It’s such a stylized and dramatic way to make a statement. But, inherently there are a couple ways you can go wrong with this one so try to follow these guidelines in this specific order:



post: amy nadine photo: angela+ithyle/ graphic design: kristin ess


By now you’re familiar with the traditional smoky eye (light shade on the lid, dark in the crease).  But equally as dramatic is its counterpart, the reverse smoky eye (dark shade on the lid, light in the crease).  Here’s how to do it with chocolate and copper shadows in six easy steps.


Eye shadow colors: dark brown, copper

Brow pencil (same shade as your brows)

Black liner (Kajal if you have it)



1.To frame your eyes, really shade in your brows with a pencil or shadow
2.Fill in your entire lid with a dark brown shadow
3.Sweep a copper color along the crease for a sunset effect
4.Smudge the dark brown shadow along your lower lash line
5.Rim your inner waterline with a black kajal liner or a black shadow
6.Finish with two coats of mascara
XO Amy Nadine