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photos: the outnet, asos, getty images/design: eunice chun

This Spring brings with it amazing neon dresses, jeans + tops which begs the question, how on earth do we wear our makeup with them?! Such bright colors tell the world that we’re feeling confident and aren’t afraid to turn heads… but with that attention let’s put a little thought into our makeup so we stand out in the best way possible! Here are my favorite three options to pull it off:  (more…)


photos: luke duvall, michelle du xuan, hans feurer/styled by eunice chun

Two-toned eye shadow is still very on trend {revisit it here in our Color Blocking story!}, but let’s try a different take on it and stylize our eyes in Spring pastels! You don’t even have to limit yourself to two shades. Because your nails + fashion shouldn’t have all the fun!



photos: gaultier/jen gotch/  post designed by kristin ess

Um. Call me cray, but I’m completely obsessed with this color palette from the Gaultier Fall 2011 show. I can’t wait to be a little old lady with a blue haired updo… as long as it looks like THIS!


Photo: post designed by lauren conrad

After a weekend of easter egg hunts, frosted sugar cookies and lovely springtime bouquets, I’m feeling inspired to bring a little pastel into my life. And since I am lacking the cool points to pull off a streak of pale pink or lavender in my hair, my nails seem like the next best thing.  So why not try a pastel blue, pink, yellow, green or lavender? Or maybe just sport them all at once! It would be like a beautiful muted rainbow. :-)

XO Lauren