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We don’t always give the proper attention and detail to our lower lashes. Maybe we think they’re an afterthought so we quickly sweep what’s left on the wand through them and move on to another area. I’d like to make a case for why we should give them 45 seconds of our time! There’s something very flirty about lower lashes, and for a lot of us either their tips are blonde or the whole lash is light and you barely even see them. All of our lashes need to be seen in order to bat them! Here’s how:


  • Mascara Primer – My new lash obsession in Blinc Black Lash Primer because it really coats each lash thickly to prepare them for mascara. You can apply as many coats of it as you need to within 60 seconds. Obviously use it on your upper lashes too!
  • Mini-Wand Mascara – Mini wands work so much better on our bottom lashes and Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara is by far my favorite because of both the plastic bristles and the volumizing formula.


  1. Start with the primer, hold the wand horizontally as you wiggle it through the lashes.
  2. Continuing with the primer, hold the wand vertically and paint each lash or lash grouping from the root to the tip.
  3. Switch the mini-wand. Starting with the outer lashes, direct them outward by pulling them towards your temple with the wand.
  4. Move to your middle lashes and use the wand to pull them downward (basically how they already grow).
  5. Finish by pulling your inner lashes towards your nose.

You can use a waterproof formula if you’ve had bad luck with mascara running on your bottom lashes. Just don’t give up on them! Every now and then when I do a cat eye on a client and want everything lifted upward, I leave the bottom lashline bare with no liner and no mascara. But that’s the only occasion I ever skip detailing and bringing the lower lashes to life!



When it comes to makeup artistry, you have to master the kohl pencil. It’s been around for a very long time and for good reason. So why not learn how to use it the most effectively? Here’s how: (more…)


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Today I’m bringing the spotlight to the lower lashline and the many options we have to define it! So I kept two variables constant (same eye and the same upper eye makeup) in order to really see the difference between six lower lashline applications. They are:


  • Bare — this is a great choice when you want all of the attention to go to the upper lid makeup (causing a “lifting” effect).
  • Mascara — coat the bottom lashes with a volumizing mascara. This option brings the lower lashes to life with nothing to compete against them.
  • Dotted line — take a velvet black pencil and draw a dot in between the lashes all the way across the lashline. This option makes it appear like you have more lashes than you really do, while also defining the line without anyone knowing you’re defining it.
  • Lined — start at the inner corner and drag the pencil across the lashline to the outer corner. This is the classic choice to define the lower lashline that women have done for decades.
  • Smudged — blend the line with a smudge brush using short strokes incrementally as you work your way across the line. This makes the line a little more “smoked” and less “lined”.
  • Inner Rimmed — gently pull the lower lid down with your finger for better access to the waterline then sweep the pencil back and forth along it until no spaces remain. This option closes up the eyes a little and makes them look smaller BUT makes them look much more intense ¬†and piercing.

It’s nice to see all the options lined up (pun intended!) to really study the different effect each application has. I personally like to switch it up depending on my mood, day v. night, my outfit, etc but I have clients who insist on leaving it bare and others who have to have it inner rimmed… while most are open to whatever balances out the upper lid. I’d love to know what you prefer so please vote below!