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This Winter, we’re obsessed with this bold lip trend, so much so that we’ve found three different ways to wear it! It looks gorgeous on all skin tones, even the palest of the pale, which is why we asked our fair friend Lexie to model it for us. Here’s everything you need to know about rocking a deep berry wine lip:

OPTION 1: A PLUMPING GLOSSThis one is beautiful in the daytime, or for those of you with chapped lips, thinner lips or lip lines, because it forgives all sins instead of making them look worse!

OPTION 2: A LIQUID LACQUERThis option (in Seduction) is pretty on everyone! It has the intensity of a lipstick but the shiny-ness of a gloss. It feels ultra-luxurious to wear.

OPTION 3: A MATTE STAINThis one (in Wicked) is for the extremists who love making a statement and turning heads! If you have excessive lip lines or thinner lips, it might not be the right choice, otherwise you’ll love it.

Pair it with a light eye shadow (like  a gold metallic) to complement but not compete!




Chapped lips plague a lot of us and are no fun. But hopefully this routine a couple of times a week will help. Here’s how!



  • Your Favorite Lip Scrub — I used Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lips Scrub on Magali above. I also really like Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Clementine.
  • An Electronic Lip Scrubber — I used Bliss Fabulips Kit that is specifically made for scrubbing chapped lips (and comes with the Scrub!). You can also use an electronic toothbrush!
  • A Lip Brush — I actually used my favorite Flat-Headed Eye Shader Brush that I use often to apply lipstick because it covers more surface area but the edges are sharp enough for detailing.
  • Your Favorite Lip Mask — your lips haven’t felt heaven until they’ve felt 5 minutes with the Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask. It really heals, plumps and makes your skin stronger.
  • Your Favorite Tinted Lip Balm — if you’re looking for that perfect Snow White just-bitten, ultra-hydrating lip balm, treat yourself to Tata Harper’s Be Adored Tinted Lip Treatment!
  • A Wet Washcloth




  1. Dip your finger in the scrub and scoop out a nickel size.
  2. Rub the scrub all over the lip area.
  3. Turn on the electronic lip scrubber and place it on either your bottom or top lip to start, then slowly move it across and all over the lip area and let it buff away and do all of the work for you. Try to do it for 60-120 seconds. Watch the telie or listen to T-Swizzle’s new album while you’re waiting!
  4. Wipe off all of the scrub with the wet wash cloth.You should notice that most of the chapped areas are now smooth.
  5. Dip the brush into lip mask and scoop out a nickel size.
  6. Sweep the brush all over the lip area to coat it.
  7. Wait a few minutes for it to really penetrate and hydrate.
  8. Wipe it off with the backside of the wet washcloth.
  9. Finish with a quick sweep of the tinted lip balm.

Do this a couple times a week or however often needed to keep gorgeous, kissable lips this Winter!




Last month we learned the best trick for creating a perfect cupid’s bow (revisit it here). Today I’m sharing the best trick for lining your lips the way we pro’s do it for our clients on the red carpet. Some of you might have figured this one out yourself and are already doing it! If not, it’s a quick one to learn and is a game changer. When you line your lip perimeter with your mouth relaxed, there’s no way to get in the micro lines that you can’t even see. And let’s be honest, the line can get a little wonky depending on how voluminous your lips are! But if you stretch your smile, it flattens the surface so you can draw a smooth line with the tip directly on the perimeter, allowing half of the line to slightly go above the perimeter without anyone knowing you exaggerated anything! Here’s how:



  1. Line the perimeter of your lip area with your lips relaxed like you typically would. Don’t worry about it being perfect.
  2. Now here’s the trick! Stretch your lips by smiling and hold it tightly like that. Now line the upper lip area by holding the tip of the pencil on the perimeter so half of it falls below the perimeter and half slightly above. By holding the smile you can exaggerate the line a little and make your lips slightly fuller.
  3. While still holding the stretched smile, line the bottom perimeter as well. You might notice that you actually lined it above the perimeter when you originally lined it but didn’t notice until you smiled.
  4. Now fill in the surface area with the matching lipstick.



Whether you’re moving into a new place or simply looking for some vanity inspiration, taking your love for all things beauty to the walls is the way to go. I just moved into the home of my dreams and I’ve been searching high and low for beauty prints for the vanity area. I’ve looked through hundreds and realized there were some great ones in there that reminded me of you guys so I thought I would share them. It’s amazing how your surroundings can inspire your everyday getting-ready-regime. Here are some of my current favorites…

post by Kristin Ess, graphic design by Norah Curlee

Oh Paper Fashion, in a perfect world we’d own every piece Katie Rodgers has ever created, but specifically we can’t stop looking at Backstage + the Lipstick Study. Total stunners and perfect for inspiring classic beauty.

Rifle Paper Co. is home to so many amazing hand illustrated prints that you probably already know– like the stationery, notebooks + phone cases of your dreams! We particularly love this quad of perfectly played hair tools: Bobby Pins print, Hairbrush print, Scissor print, + Comb print. You better believe these are on my walls.

Currently obsessed with these two bold/super fun lip prints on canvas. The Lola’s Lips piece is bright and pink on pink on pink with a major gap which I love!  The Golden Kiss print is just cool metallic chicness. Yes, I said chicness.

There is something about vintage photography that most everyone can wrap their liking around…but vintage beauty photos? Sold. These lovely ladies applying some rouge and up in curlers, hung up in a vintage frame would look stunning near the vanity or in your bathroom. This site is literally FULL of them.

Do you have any beauty art in your space? We want to seeeeeee! Send us an Insta @thebeautydept

{gorgeous title photo is from right here}