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photos by getty, gorunway + imaxtree, post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

Yes most neutral shades (taupe, grey, nude, bronze, copper, white, etc) look just as gorgeous with green eyes as with any other eye colors. But if you really want to make your green eyes pop, frame them with a shade from the purple family and you will become obsessed! Of course you shouldn’t wear purple every day because it’s such a statement color, but bring it out whenever you really want to turn heads. (more…)


photos: 1 orth yossi 2 chris nicholls 3 hans feurer 4 alexander neumann

This look takes a second to warm up to as it’s not exactly what we’re used to seeing walk in a room… but as my mom used to say about first dates, don’t be so quick to dismiss! It’s new and different so it doesn’t feel comfortable or “right” to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not wearable. It was very popular on the A/W 11 runways this year in shades of aubergine, eggplant and even lavender, so it’s worth pondering, even if you don’t take the plunge.

Have a look at these four options:



Photo: post designed by lauren conrad

After a weekend of easter egg hunts, frosted sugar cookies and lovely springtime bouquets, I’m feeling inspired to bring a little pastel into my life. And since I am lacking the cool points to pull off a streak of pale pink or lavender in my hair, my nails seem like the next best thing.  So why not try a pastel blue, pink, yellow, green or lavender? Or maybe just sport them all at once! It would be like a beautiful muted rainbow. :-)

XO Lauren