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Have you ever wanted to temporarily dye your lashes darker without adding volume or stiffness? Then this tutorial is for you! I’ve gotten my lashes tinted before and it wasn’t a great experience (it burned my eyes while it was applied only to fade after a week anyway; not worth the torture). Sometimes I just want my lashes to more be noticeable but I don’t want to look “made up” and for those times, this is what I do. Unfortunately it only lasts until your wash your face but it doesn’t burn like lash dye and you don’t need to make a special trip to a salon. Here’s how:



  1. Draw a quick line on the back of your hand to thin out any clumps on the brush.
  2. Sweep the brush through the lashes from left to right, back and forth.
  3. Now paint each individual lash from root to tip.
  4. Really make sure to stamp the roots.
  5. Don’t forget to paint the backside too so it’s covered when you blink or look down.
  6. Finish by sweeping the brush through the bottom lashes.
  7. We paired this look with Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Wonderland!

For the inquiring minds out there, this is the lilac eye shadow she’s wearing! But you can also create the same effect with this budget-friendly one.


photos + post KRISTIN ESS

photos + post KRISTIN ESS

I’m way into uneven rows of braids right now and I had a good idea (or at least I think it is) and wanted to share. I’m heading out for vacation in a week or so and I really needed some kind of rad pool hair situation since I plan on being in it most of the time I’m away. So I decided to combine my normal pool strategy with a cool girl hair look. Here’s how I’ll be keeping my red hair fresh while I’m maxing + relaxing…

the beauty department pool girl braids


As we know, it’s best to get in the pool with hair that’s been wet from a shower vs letting the hair soak up salt water or chlorinated water!

  • first I’ll wet my hair in the shower and ring out the excess water.
  • next, I’ll add in MY FAVORITE DEEP CONDITIONER that I talk about on the regs. Also available in this GIANT TUB which is what I get.
  • towel dry out of the shower with the conditioner still in it.
  • once it’s towel dried, I’ll create my uneven rows of braids (pretty much exactly the way you see it in the photo above). I like inside-out french braids best (aka: dutch braids) because they appear fuller and tend to have more texture but you can also do these the regular way.
  • I’ll tie them off with small clear elastics and submerge myself into the pool with a cocktail in hand.

summer pool beach hair idea the beauty department

And let’s not forget my APRES SWIM hair routine! Later fishes!!!




Over the last few years I’ve shared my favorite ways to get soft and smooth lips (revisit the Winter Lip Fix, The Brush Off and the Chapped Lip Undo). Today I’m giving you an all-natural alternative that tastes and smells amazing! This DIY is especially brilliant because it has not one but two benefits: the sugar exfoliates while the coconut oil moisturizes. My dear friend Angelique Cabral took time from shooting her CBS pilot Life in Pieces to show us how:


  • Any Sugar You Have On Hand — I happened to have a white all-purpose sugar in my kitchen cabinet, but I also love an organic raw sugar too. You’ll only need a 1/2 teaspoon but I made a full teaspoon for photographic purposes.
  • Coconut Oil — I used this one because I also use it to remove my most stubborn eye makeup and I use it for oil pulling! You’ll also only need a 1/2 teaspoon!
  • Your Favorite Lip Serum or Lip Balm (optional)



  1. Pour the Sugar into the Coconut Oil.
  2. Mix it together with your finger by swirling it around until it becomes a paste. Coconut oil melts into a liquid when it’s heated up but you’ll be working fast enough that you’ll be ok.
  3. Cover your entire lip area with the paste and start scrubbing back and forth with your finger.
  4. Stretch your smile so it’s taut and continue scrubbing.
  5. Let it sit for a minute for extra moisture if you wish.
  6. Wipe it off with a tissue. If you made a bit of a mess, you might opt for a wet washcloth instead!
  7. This step is optional because they’ll already be really moisturized from the coconut oil, but you’re welcome to seal the deal and finish with a lip serum or balm.






If I had a dime for everyone who asked me about post-workout wet hair styling, I would be the ricccccccccchest. Like, THE richest. And because I like you guys (gals) so much, I’m giving you what you’ve asked for– hair ideas that you can do when you’re leaving the gym, or even home, with wet hair. There are a million reasons to head out with wet or damp locks but zero reasons that it shouldn’t still look cute after I show you these ideas. So from now on, when it’s just too hot or you’re just too late or straight up TOO tired to blowdry after you shower, try this…

Before doing these, we shampooed with LIVING PROOF RESTORE SHAMPOO, conditioned for 3 minutes with WELLA ENRICH, detangled out of the shower using SEXY HAIR SOY TRI-WHEAT LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, and then added a little ORIBE GRANDIOSE MOUSSE for hold and fullness once the hair dries. All of these links are for travel size and/or smallest containers available, which is what I keep in my gym bag.


                                             THE BRAIDED BUN

Seems easy enough and we’ve all done it on dry hair. But braiding on wet hair is SO much easier in my opionion because it doesn’t tend to slip.

  • Create a simple ponytail around the occipital bone (that bone in the back of your head).

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 1 2

  • Make a regular 3-strand braid out of that ponytail.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 1 3

  •  Wrap the braid around the ponytail and pin into a bun shape. The mousse will help create volume in the braided bun as it air dries. Gently pull it apart for texture if desired.


                                                 THE WAVY PONY

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 1


  • Create a ponytail above the occipital bone.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 2


  • Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist them into each other.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 2 3

  •  Unwrap the twists and scrunch until the curls break up. Don’t shake it up or break it up too much as you don’t want it to get frizzy.


                                             THE TIED UP TOPKNOT

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 1


  • Create a high ponytail about where you like your topknot to sit.



the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 2


  •  Split the high pony into two secitons.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 3


  • Tie the hair in a half knot above the ponytail holder.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 4


  • Now tie it in another half knot behind the ponytail holder. It’s easy to do this on wet hair. Much easier than it is on dry hair.

the beauty department wet gym hair ideas 3 5

  •  Take the ends that are left out and wrap them around front. Tuck and pin them underneath the bun in front.

Are you guys feeling these gym/wet hair looks? I’m also going to do one for short hair, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!