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Okay, I know this isn’t an actual full braid tutorial but I felt like I needed to throw this in as part of our ongoing “Summer Braid” series because it’s a pretty epic tip. Anyone with fine, thin, straight or super healthy hair that tends to slide right out of a bobby pin will definitely need to grab a bottle of this stuff, STAT. It’s called texture powder and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to updos and braids. When I first tried this stuff a few years ago, I was terrified. It felt too starchy and dry when I put a light layer of it all over my long hair. I like soft shiny pretty hair and I felt like this made my long hair look matte and dry. Well it’s supposed to! It was designed to “bulk up” the hair you have and give it additional volume so I should have only been applying it at the root. Once I figured out the deal with texture powder, I started using it to get bigger, fuller braids and my hair kit hasn’t been without it since. A lot of products are like that– you just have to find the right way to use them!

So here’s what Nora’s braid looked like before adding the powder. As you can see, it’s gorge and there’s nothing wrong with it so if you prefer to wear it like this then that’s amazing. But trend-wise, we’re always craving a bigger, messier, more textured looking braid than before. All of you pretty peeps who say “I wish my hair was that thick” or “I wish my hair was that long”, should know that Nora has a fine head of hair and it’s cut just above her shoulders, so at least give this a shot!

So here’s how I like to use the texture powders…

Shake a decent amount onto a dry braid. Don’t put it on wet hair. Don’t worry about it looking like a George Washington wig… it fully blends/disappears with the next step.

Once you apply your light layer of texture powder, tap, tap, tap it into your braid. You’ll see your visible powder magically disappear.

Now pull the loops of your braid and that’s it. No, joke it’s that easy. There’s no crazy skill involved. You’ll just instantly have fuller braids that won’t slip out of place while you’re pulling on them to get volume.

There are many brands making texture powders now and here are some of my current faves…

  1. OSiS- Dust It
  2. Bumble & bumble.- Pret-A-Powder
  3. Batiste- XXL Plumping Powder
  4. Big Sexy Hair- Powder Play

Seriously though, if you’re having trouble getting big braids, invest in one of these little game changing bottles! This isn’t the same as a dry shampoo so don’t get them confused! If you do this, hashtag your photo with #TBDbigbraids so we can see yours!


photos/post/design: Kristin Ess

Every once in a while we like to mix it up and throw in a weekend hair idea. Since there have been so many emails about texturizing powder, we figured it was the perfect pairing! Texturizing powder is used for many things: building body, creating more texture and mattifying. In this tutorial we’re using a simple fishtail braid to demonstrate. As you see in the before photo on the left, her hair is shiny, clean and tidy– looks great as is. But sometimes you just feel like your hair is “too clean”. That could sound insane to some, but if you really want that messy second day hair look, here’s how you get that.

  1. Start with clean dry hair. (If your hair is already a little dirty and on it’s second or third day but you really want more texture through the middle and ends, it’s fine, just use a little less in the next step!)
  2. Shake some texturizing powder over the top of your hair (or have someone else do it for you if you’re doing a braid in the back). MY FAVORITES ARE THIS AND THIS!
  3. Using the base of your thumbs (as you see in the photo), massage the powder into the hair.
  4. Gently use your fingers to get more detailed texture.

That’s it! You will find that the powder takes away most of the shine which creates a more “editorial finish” like many of the gorgeous models we pin on our Pinterest boards. Try it and if you don’t love it, just wash it out!