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photo: post designed by kristin ess

Ladies and gentlemen (?) … Tomorrow morning we’ll be posting the winning tutorial from our very first “Guest Post” contest!!! Tune in to see if you submitted the winning tutorial! And if you didn’t enter, get here anyway because we think the winner did a gorgeous job and it’s a hairstyle that’s worth checking out! We had the HARDEST time picking just one, as you can imagine! Mostly because you guys are amazing and we didn’t expect to have THAT many beautiful tutorials turned in. Alright! That’s it for now. We’ll see you in the morning!

AAAAAAAH! We’re so excited for _________  __________!

XO Lauren, Kristin + Amy Nadine


Photo:, post designed by lauren conrad

Just out of curiosity… how long does it take you ladies to get ready for your day? (We’re talking hair + makeup, not getting dressed and out the door.) Are you a natural beauty, requiring only a few minutes to get through your morning routine? Or are you a committed beautician who likes to take her time to accomplish perfection? Do tell…

XO Lauren