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If you’re looking for an easy fall transition makeup look, try this! It has the drama of Fall fashion but is still light and fresh. It concentrates a metallic copper shade on the lashline that smokes up into a matte sienna shade, making your eyes really sultry without trying too hard. Here’s how:




  1. Trace the brown copper pencil along the upper lash line.
  2. Take the same pencil and fill in a circle on the back of your hand.
  3. Swirl the small laydown brush in the circle to load it up with product.
  4. Then smudge the brush over the upper lashline and smoke it upward.
  5. Use the pencil to tightline the upper waterline.
  6. And rim the lower inner waterline as well.
  7. Add the matte brown shadow on the lid, just above the liner.
  8. Add the matte sienna shadow in the crease.
  9. Switch back to the small laydown brush and add the matte brown shadow to the bottom lashline.
  10. Finish with a couple coats of mascara.





Not everyone has full, thick and long lashes. Hey, we can’t have it all… maybe you have gorgeous long hair or perfect skin, but your lashes are a little on the sparse or short side. Who cares! Embrace what you have, make the most of it and if that’s the worst of your problems, you’re doing alright, right?! But this little trick will become your new best friend. I know you have a mascara in your makeup drawer that you bought with high hopes only to find the wand or the formula (or both) does nothing for your lashes. But don’t toss it! Re-purpose it into a personal root stamper.


  1. The flat surface paints the roots better than bristles ever can.
  2. Stamping at the root really presses and flares the lashes upward.
  3. Stamping at the root makes lashes look thicker at the base, a must for those of us with sparse or thin lashes.


  • A Mascara You Bought And Don’t Love — or one that you loved but has dried out or lost its juujuu.
  • A Mascara You Bought And Love — right now this is my favorite luxury mascara and this is my favorite mass market find.
  • A Pair of Scissors


  1. Take a deep breath and cut the end of the mascara wand off (make sure it’s the one you don’t want anymore!) with the scissors. Toss the end with the bristles.
  2. Switch to your favorite mascara and apply a couple coats like you normally would.
  3. Don’t forget the bottom lashes too.
  4. Switch to your new root stamper and dip it into the mascara tube that you love (or back into its original tube if it isn’t dried out). Press it at the roots of the upper lashline.
  5. Continue to stamp it along the lashline until your cover the entire area.

P.S. You can also use the stamper to paint each lash from root to tip.

P.P.S. Want to know how this ingenious trick came about? One of my favorite producers, Emily Roth (who produces the Charlotte Russe campaigns that I do the makeup for and Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s/Disney blogger parties), was running late and decided to do her makeup at stoplights in her car. When she went to pull the wand out of her mascara, it broke in half and she didn’t have a backup! She had no choice but to use the broken wand stub thing to paint each lash. And they never looked better!! I saw her at the Minnie Mouse party last month and complimented her on her lashes and she told me what happened and how she’d been using it that way ever since. So of course when I got home I ran straight into my bathroom and cut the bristles off of an old mascara wand to see. She was right! Thanks Emily! I love when mishaps become new inventions…



the beauty dept carols daughter monoi triple bun

A couple weeks ago we had the honor of premiering  Carol’s Daughter’s newest video tutorial Five Days, Five Styles, One Hairspray!  Today we’ve created two printable step-by-step tutorials showing how to use their new Monoi Repair Flexible Hold Hair Spray on both straight and curly hair types! Why? Because we know a lot of you have made up your minds that all hairsprays are stiff and all oils are greasy. ‘Tis not the case here! Carol’s Daughter has developed a hair spray that sets the style while allowing it to have movement because it’s formulated with a pinch of Monoi Oil — just enough to keep the style soft and brushable but not too much that it becomes oily. You literally can spray a look and wear it, then brush through it, re-style it, spray it again, wear it, then brush through it again. As many times as you like! It’s buildable, brushable and invisible, making it a genius in a bottle! Here’s the half up look we created with it on both curly and straight hair…


carols daughter monoi repair hairpspray x the beauty department triple bun

  1. Start with clean dry hair.
  2. Normally, as you know, we’re not huge fans of spraying the hair with a hairspray before using a wand, but after using Monoi Repair Hairspray on multiple occasions, the hair still feels very soft and healthy when combined with a heat tool. So spritz each section lightly before twirling it around the wand.
  3. Wrap sections in different directions to get a messier look or all in the same direction to get a more patterned look.
  4. Using a small section of hair (about temple to temple) create a small bun on top of your head. Secure with a strong holding bobby pin and a light veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray.
  5. It’s optional to tease the crown area. Here we felt the crown needed a little extra so we backcombed gently to get a little more volume.
  6. Create the second bun. Leave a little hair out around the hairline (about 1″ because we’re going to use that later.
  7. Create the third and final bun, leaving a little hair out around the hairline. (PS: You could keep going with this all the way down for a gorgeous undo but we stopped here because we’re very into half ups right now.)
  8. Use the small sections of hair that you left out around the hairline to create a little separation between the buns. Take a piece and run it in between the bun and wrap it into the bun.
  9. Secure it with a bobby pin. TIP: if your bobby pins tend to slip out, spray a little bit of the Monoi Repair Hairspray on your pin before inserting into the hair! It helps.
  10. Check the back for balance. Lightly pull the buns apart to make them look messier if you love that look. Finish with a final veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray, of course!


carols daughter monoi repair hairspray triple bun tutorial


  1. Sometimes with curly hair, you’ll have a curl or two that have gone rogue. If desired, wrap any untamed pieces around a 5/8″ barrel iron to bring it all together.
  2. Rarely would I use hairspray on curly hair but you can see the shine and health of the hair after applying a light layer of the Monoi Repair Hairspray in this photo.
  3. Grab a section of hair from temple to temple and create a loose bun on top of your head. We’re going to create 3 of these.
  4. On this next bun, grab from just above the ears on each side. Leave a little hair out in front near the hairline, too (about a 1″ section). Unlike the straight hair tutorial, you won’t need to backcomb and really shouldn’t with curly hair. You’ll likely have more than enough volume.
  5. Bring those pieces together in back and wrap them into a bun. Secure with a strong bobby pin.
  6. Create your third and final bun.
  7. Take the pieces you left out in front, twist them back and use them to separate the look of the 3 buns. Weave the pieces in between the buns then wrap into the bun.
  8. Decide if you want to make the buns more messy or leave them as is. If you want to make them messier, gently pull apart and lightly spray Monoi Repair Hairspray as you go.

You can get your hands on one at or exclusively sold at ULTA!

{This tutorial was brought to you with love by our friends at Carol’s Daughter.}




Every season it’s especially fun to play with new makeup products and trends, and Spring just might be my favorite! Today I’ve created a monochromatic face all pulled from variations of peach and entirely from liquid and cream products for a softer finish. Here’s how you can pick one color (peach) and pick different textures (metallic, sparkles or solid) and put together a pretty Spring face:


  • Liquid Eye Tint: Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash in Peach Prism — with so many gorgeous colors and one end metallic while the other end sparkle-y, this is one of the most fun drug store finds I’ve found in a long time! But when I went back to get more, it was sold out in all three of my local drug stores, so good luck! You could also try Giorgio Armani’s New Eye Tints that paint on and transfer from liquid to solid like beautiful watercolors!
  • Your Favorite Peach Cream Blush: our favorites are this cream-to-powder blush and this one in Abbey Rose.
  • Metallic Liquid Lipstick: I used this slightly metallic one in Electric Grandma because it’s 100% vegan and has an incredible color payoff.
  • Peach Lip Liner: I have two favorite peach lip liner that I keep in my kit — this one in Vintage Coral that I used on Stacy Kiebler here and this one in Streak that I used on Magali in this tutorial.



  1. Sweep the metallic liquid all over the lid. I included the crease so people can see it more when the eye is open, but that’s a preference thing so do what you feel makes you happy.
  2. Now sweep the sparkle-y side over the metallic wash. You might double dip and add a second layer like I did! Then don’t forget mascara of course. You can also rim the inner waterline with a black kohl if you wish for more drama.



3. Smile in the mirror and stipple the cream blush on the top half of each apple.

4. Line the perimeter of the lip area.

5. Fill in the remaining area, slightly overlapping the liner if you like a lined look (coming back in style big time!) or completely over the liner.