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There are two great reasons why you should take a second and try this technique to find your cheekbones! First, it shows you where the bone is so you know where to sweep the contour (directly underneath to “support” the bone and create a hollow) and where to swirl the blush (directly on top). And second, it shows you the angle of your cheekbone so you know the direction to apply it. Good stuff! Here’s how:



  1.  Grab the pencil and place it along your cheek. Roll it up and down with your fingers flattened until you feel where the cheekbone is. Turn the pencil until it is exactly the same angle as the bone then roll it just below the bone so it’s touching it but just under it. That’s the “hollow” of your cheek and where your contour should go. The blush goes directly along the cheekbone (either only on your apple or along the cheekbone itself; I’ll post a comparison study of the two next week!). Take a mental photograph of the pencil’s placement and angle. Suck in your cheeks if that helps you see it as well. Press your thumb along the bone to really feel it too. My cheekbones (and most of my clients’) came in at 26. Until then, these techniques will help you find them.
  2. Follow the hollow by sweeping the contour cream or powder just underneath the cheekbone along the angle that you discovered with the pencil. as demonstrated by Chloe above. I always swirl the brush on the back of my hand after dipping it in the product to thin and even it out before I ever let it go near my face because nothing’s worse than a muddy contour!
  3. Switch to the blush brush and dip it in the blush. If it’s a cream blush, swirl it on the back of your hand, if it’s a powder blush, give it a couple taps against the counter to get rid of any excess. Swirl and stamp the brush along the cheekbone, just above the contour.


photos/post/design: Kristin Ess

Over the past decades or so it seems like sources for beauty products (both pro and not-so-pro) have multiplied in a way that’s almost overwhelming. It’s hard to tell which spots have the goods and which ones just have a good facade. As professional hair + makeup artists we search high and low, online and offline, for the best products at all price points and we want to share our resources with you guys. Here we go!

(Click the name to be taken to the source!)

1. Favorite Nail Polish Sources:

  • – great range of polish brands in one spot. They always seem to have the ones that are hard to find.
  • American Apparel – plain + simple, they just have great color options.
  • Wilshire Beauty Supply – fave spot in LA for new trend releases when I want to see them in person. (They also have the best nail tools!)
  • Sephora – an obvious leader in the nail trends game.

2. Favorite Makeup Brush Sources:

  • Hakuhodu – some of the finest brushes in the world.
  • Cozette – Vegan! Love!
  • Make Up For Ever – available at, and Make Up For Ever Boutiques.

3. Favorite Bobby Pin Sources:

4. Best High-end, Middle-end + Affordable Products All In One Place:

  • ULTA– from Frederic Fakkai to Wella to Tresemme they have it all. It’s like hair, makeup, skin + nail heaven. They also stock a large range of Hot Tool curling irons which are our favorite. (BTW- We snag codes from Robot Oatmeal to get discounts + free shipping at Ulta!)

5. Best Fragrance Shop On Earth:

6. Pro Beauty Supplies (All great spots for hair + makeup artists specializing in TV/Film, or anyone who just wants to get in on the goods!):

7. Best Department Stores for Makeup: (We love big department stores because they let you try almost anything before you buy!)

  • Bergdorf’s – in-store + online.
  • Henri Bendel’s – in-store + online.
  • Bloomingdales – – in-store + online.
  • Nordstrom – in-store + online.
  • Macy’s – good source for Clairsonics + Brush sets, often on sale! In-store + online.
  • Neiman Marcus – in-store + online. Love their beauty replenishment service! If you run out of something (like foundation or powder) every month or two, you can set a date and they’ll automatically send you a new one!

8. Best Places To Shop Drug Store Brands:

  • Target – There’s nothing better for drugstore beauty, really. Have you guys checked out the new Target City’s that are popping up??? They. Are. Amazing! We also love that Target it expanding it’s natural lines like Burt’s Bees as well as their products for CURLY HAIRED GIRLS, like Mixed Chicks and Miss Jessies! HOORAY!!
  • CVS/Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • (go to the drugstore without leaving the house.)

9. Best Place To Find Cool New Trends In Beauty:

  • We’re going with Sephora because they usually lock down the cool new stuff first and make it available to all of us, no matter where we live.
  • Also check out all of the Pro Beauty Supplies listed in #6.

10. Best Place For Hair Chalks:

11. Best Place To Find Hot Tools:

12. Nail Art Wheels (good for practicing your skills before doing them on yourself, and fun to build a collection of nail art wheels!)

13. Best Airbrush Makeup Machine:

14. Best Travel Products:

  • 3floz.comthey carry travel sizes of most of the brands we use and love! No more mess with filling bottles!

15. Best Nail Brands For New Trends:

  • Zoyapixie dust + gold flakes!
  • Ciatecaviar nails, velvet nails, sequined manis!? Yes please.

Got a secret source you want to add? Please do so below! We want to hear them all, no matter where you live!



Like most matters of artistry, this is a debatable subject… but using this method to match foundation to skin tone has never served me wrong, while trying to match it to the cheek has. Here’s why. Your neck is shadowed by your chin and jaw, meaning it gets less exposure to the sun and is closer to your own natural skin tone than your face or chest. Something magical happens when you find your exact foundation color; it melts into the skin and brings it to life rather than creating a mask with a shade color that’s off a little. It’s so worth it! Here’s how:

  1. Step outside into natural but indirect sunlight. If you’re at a department store, ask for a mirror to take outside with you and a couple different shades (grab a yellow-based and a pink-based foundation to see which one disappears more into your skin.
  2. Lift your chin slightly and apply a finger stroke as shown above.
  3. Follow with a couple more swatches next to each other to really see which one is right for you.
  4. Then when you find your perfect shade, please don’t forget to apply it to your neck as well as your face so it all becomes one canvas. And if you’re wearing a low neckline, apply it to your chest too.

That’s it! You can do this method with liquid or cream formulas as well as BB creams. Good luck! And in case you’re going to ask, for any makeup pro’s out there the Bobbi Brown BBU Palette shown above is a must-have investment!