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post + photography by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

I confess. I’m a total cheater. And there’s nothing wrong with the natural shape of our lips! It’s just some of us have uneven lips or could benefit from a little volume every now and then. (Remember The 3-D Lip Illusion and The Fuller Lip Effect from my Beautician Magician Series?) I’m not suggesting you wear this technique to the grocery store, class or the gym. But grab a lip liner and play with your lip shape next time you feel like getting made up and you might really like it. You can cheat a proper cupid’s bow, correct an uneven smile or just draw outside the lines to make them look a little bigger. Here’s how:  (more…)



It’s funny, when I work on the majority of my clients, I extend a wash of color from all over the lid out to the end of the brow and up to include the crease. But when I do my own makeup, I only shade in the lid. Is it a preference thing or a case-by-case basis? Does it depend on the time of day or the outfit or mood? Yes to all! Still, I wanted to do a side-by-side experiment with the same eye and the same single shadow color to draw a personal conclusion and open it up to our TBD readers for your opinion. Please take a second to vote and share any comments below!


For inquiring minds, the eye shadow I used above is Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Pug!



post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

For something so simple, a pop of color along the underlid makes quite an impact. For demonstration purposes I’m showing the how to on my fellow blogger Taye Hansberry’s normal-sized eyes (check out her fashion blog here!), but this is especially great for those of us with monolids or smaller eyes. Either instance, opting for a colored liner or shadow on your bottom lash line will make your eyes appear even larger and more interesting. Here’s how: (more…)


photos: Steven Meisel/Vogue Italia post designed by kristin ess

When it comes to beauty, who decides what’s what?? The new issue of Italian Vogue decides a whole lot! These girls look gorgeous. This cover featuring a significant amount of hip and thigh will upset some and inspire others, which means it’s doing exactly what it should. I think we both know these ladies are not THAT big, but did you know that in the modeling world, size 6 and up is considered “plus size”?? Either way, this cover means progress. It means being super skinny, abnormally tall and white isn’t the only thing that’s attractive. I don’t want to turn in to a Dove campaign right now, but I think this is shedding some light on diverse beauty. If you’re in LA or going to be any time soon, you must go see the Beauty Culture exhibit at the Annenberg Space in Century City for even more perspective on where beauty has been and where it’s heading now! Fascinating stuff.

xx Kristin

What do you think? Do you love or loathe that Italian Vogue chose to use these hourglass shaped gals for their cover?