There’s something really beautiful about a golden goddess, especially if it’s done right (aka you’re warmed up and sunkissed, not oompa loompa). Today’s tutorial is my favorite bronzed look for Summer, especially for those of us who don’t tan or don’t want to tan. It took five minutes. Here’s how:

tbd simple summer beautyBA


  • Your Favorite Warm Taupe Eyeshadow Palette — I used this one ($$) but also love this one ($).
  • A Gold Sparkle Eyeshadow — you can stamp this one ($$) on with your finger like Leah did above. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do these days.
  • A Metallic Brown Kohl Pencil — I always use this one ($$) in Metallic Mink but this budget-friendly one ($) is amazing too.
  • Your Favorite Mascara — ok, right now I am obsessed with this mascara ($$) because it really loads up each lash while not clumping.
  • A Matte Bronzing Powder — this one ($$) comes in multiple matte shades for every skin tone.
  • Your Favorite Pink or Peach Blush — every Summer I love to switch to this blush ($$) in Shimmer Pink Fling. I also love this one ($) in Precious Peach for a happy flush.
  • A Pale Frosted Nude Lipstick — I used this one ($$$) in Bare but if you don’t want to make that kind of investment, try this pale pink one ($) in Frosted!

EYE: Apply the taupe shadow all over the lid and crease, winged out (1) and along the bottom lashline (2). Stamp the gold sparkle shadow on the lid (3) and line the top lashline (4). Rim the inner waterline with the same metallic mink pencil (5) and add a couple coats of mascara (6).

tbd simple summer beautySTEPS

FACE: Swirl the bronzing powder on your cheekbones and hollow (7), jawline and neck (8), bridge of your nose (9) and forehead (10). Really warm yourself up! Go back and repeat steps 7-10! Then apply blush on the top half of your apples and cheekbones (11).

tbd simple summer beautySTEPS2

LIP: Finish with the frosted pinky-nude lipstick (12).

STEPS NOT SHOWN: I brushed up the brows and opted not to fill them in to keep everything soft and more natural for Summer. But you can certainly do whatever makes you happy! And we started with her face already having applied foundation and powder.


photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

So, you can knock out a full set of curling wand waves with one gloved finger tied behind your back? You still had time to ace that smokey eye after finishing bestie’s pull-through braid for Prom? Girl, we know you’re always up for a challenge, so we’re presenting to you our fave flat iron wave tutorial. There’s something just right about the look… not too precious or coiled, with subtle movement for manes both long and short. There might be several versions of flat iron waves out there, but this one gives us life! Here’s how to make it happen:

Before beginning, we prepped towel-dried hair with THICKENING SPRAY, then blow dried straight. This thickening spray helps to create the right amount of texture and a soft, sustainable hold. Keep in mind that once you’ve nailed your technique, it can also be an ideal way to touch up air-dried waves, or can be worked in with OTHER waving techniques.

Before things get heated, take a few minutes to practice with a BEVELED FLAT IRON while it’s still turned off (uh, ps: it’s on SALE! and it’s never on sale!). It’s important that you get the hang of the motions before adding heat, as this trusty iron has only one temperature setting. You’ll want to hit each section only once or twice at the most to avoid heat damage. The beveled edges of the iron are crucial for creating smooth waves, and help to avoid creating kinks in the hair. If you need more guidance on the steps below, go check out our instagram post right here!

flat iron wave tutorial the beauty dept

  1. To begin, hold a section of hair out from your head, and insert the flat iron at a diagonal, just below your scalp. Your waves will have natural, realistic movement if they are created diagonally towards or away from your face, or a mixture of the two. Gently close the iron as you curve it up and back down to form an arc.
  2. Because these waves are created using heat and tension, you’ll need to use a flat finger to hold the form of the previous arc, while you pull in the opposite direction to make your next wave. If your hair tends to slip, use two fingers to scissor the section instead. The second bend will be going the opposite direction, as we are creating alternating peaks and valleys. Just below the first arc, bend the iron down towards your head, then curve back up and release.
  3. complete the wave pattern that now should be visible with another arc curving away from the head, holding the previous bend for tension. You may have more length to wave here, but on this LOB we have reached the finish line!
  4. Slowly tap through the ends instead of bending them inward or too far outward to create a cool, modern finish.

To add just the right level of soft hold and enhance waves, we added a light veil of SOFT BEACH WAVE SPRAY, which while pricey, is just straight up the best! They also have a travel size available if you’re the type to dip your toes first. To truly nail the final look above, try THIS little hair hack after you apply your beach wave spray.

You’re ready to roll out! But maybe hide how good you are at this? Your girls are going to swarm, no doubt.

Don’t forget to tag us when you work those waves! @thebeautydept on insta.




No  matter how well I take care of my lips and exfoliate them, when I put on a matte lipstick or lip crayon, it makes them look wrinkly and accentuates the lines. Until I learned this amazing trick! If you first swipe on a mattifying balm, the crayon or lipstick goes on so incredibly smoothly, it’s shocking! And it seems to stay on longer. Of course, as with anything you put on your face, you should use your own judgement if you think it’s safe to apply it to the lip area, but I personally do it. Here’s how:


tbd lip smoother steps



photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

photos: kristin ess, post: jessica swanson

While your lob/bob is super cute and chic, there are still days you may envy the girls who can effortlessly throw in a top knot and go about their business. Usually those are the days you want to crash at the local “Cooling Center” because the temps hit record high. So while recently cruising the air conditioned aisles of H&M, I was thrilled to find THIS versatile and easily-workable clip, that is as attractive as it is helpful in a short hair updo. We worked two looks with this clip, but no doubt you could create many more. Here is one for our BOB girls and one for ladies who LOB:

While this first look (up top) seems slightly complex, it really breaks down to being a simple three-step process. We first worked some texture into the hair with THIS iron and THIS technique, which helps the clip to grip better and hides potential frizz from the heat and humidity. Then we pulled the hair from the top of the head and crown back into a bun just above the occipital bone (the bone in the back of your head that sticks out slightly), and tied it into a bun with a HAIRBAND. Then we repeated the previous step with the hair left underneath. Any hair that doesn’t reach (in this case, the hair above the ears) can be twisted back in between the two buns, then slip the clip in horizontally to hold those pieces and anchor the overall look. You’re done! Treat yourself to an iced coffee.

the beauty department hair clip short hair

For our second look, utilizing the textured waves from the previous style, we pulled a small bit of hair back from above the ears in a slight twist, then slipped the clip in horizontally. Voilà!

We want to see your creativity! If you recreate the looks from above, or invent your own way to use this clip, tag us on IG @thebeautydept.