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If you know me, you know I love trying gimmicky things because sometimes you end up finding a diamond in the rough! Enter hair drying gloves. I got these out of curiosity and they ended up being a fast favorite. I don’t use them on my clients but I do use them at home. Often I go to put mousse, curl cream, leave-in or wave spray in my hair and end up with more dried onto my hands than my hair. Not only do these help with that, but they also helped me cut down on drying time. Here’s what I know for sure about these handy things…

There are a couple kinds on the market. For finer hair or anyone wanting to add some soft texture to their curls/waves I would recommend THESE GLOVES because they’re more like a towel which tends to build texture. But if your mane concern is to keep curls or waves calm, cool & collected, THESE GLOVES are your best bet because they are made of microfibers which we know helps with frizz.

By trial and error, I’ve discovered the best way to use hair drying gloves is to apply the product with your bare hands first, rinse your hands, then put the gloves on. Begin scrunching at the ends and work your way up into the root. These are so absorbent and remove surface moisture quickly. These would be particularly good for anyone wanting to cut back on their heat styling time. Think about it… if you get into the roots with these gloves and absorb a bit of the moisuture before blowdrying, you’ll definitely trim down the time you’ll spend pointing hot air at your hair and scalp, without having to wait for the hair to air-dry. And it’s 100000 times easier to get in there with “towel fingers” than an actual towel. Feel me??

Have you tried anything gimmicky or gadgety lately which ended up working well that you want to share? If so spill the deets in the comments below please!




So by now you’ve got mad eye shadow skills, right? But let’s take a second to get really technical and think about something that you never noticed you do or don’t do. If you’re doing a single wash of color all over the eye area, then of course apply the shadow using the same amount of pressure on the lid and crease. But if you’re highlighting the lid with a lighter shade and contouring the crease with a darker shade, you should use different pressures when you apply them. And different speeds. Here’s how to be happiest with the result:



  1. Using the laydown brush, apply medium pressure with the highlighting shade on the lid. You really want this to show up and you don’t have to worry about being precise, you just want to get the job done well.
  2. The crease on the other hand is a more technical application because it’s a darker shade (think about how much harder it is to apply red nail polish than a nude!) and you want to precisely place it in a rainbow shape along the crease. Therefore, using the crease brush, apply light pressure and go more slowly.
  3. Now start deepening the shade in layers by continuing with light pressure as you build.
  4. This is optional but I love opening up the eye with liner on top. (I used this longwear liner ($$) on Lacy).
  5. Finish with a couple coats of mascara. (I used this incredible mascara ($$) that I am so obsessed with and can’t stop using on everyone I can get my hands on!)





I mean. If you do this, you’re actually checking two things off your list, all while you work on your beauty sleep! The eye pads de-puff and the technical placement of the mask folds the lashes upward for a full-on curling effect. You MUST try it. Here’s how:



  1. Start with a clean and dry face. Moisturize as you normally would then place the eye pads under your eyes where you need the most hydration and de-puffing.
  2. Here’s the clever bit. Instead of plopping the pad over your eyes, or if there’s a strap on it, instead of pulling it downward from your forehead, do the reverse: open your eyes and place the middle of the mask at an angle so the bottom lashes are not in play then slide the mask upward as you place it so it bends and folds the upper lashes upward.
  3. Now let the weight of the mask curl your lashes upward and press the eye pads even further into your skin as you nap at home or on the plane. When you wake up, run to the mirror and check out how you not only look more rested, but how curled your lashes are!



While it can be totally satisfying to splurge on that new cult-fave hair PRODUCT or CURLING WAND you’ve been coveting, I’m also big on the thrill of adding gorgeous and versatile hair accessories to my growing collection. They provide a level of instant gratification that products and tools sometimes can’t…like great jewelry, a chic hair clip or interesting accessory can instantly elevate an otherwise simple look. With ongoing summer temps being of the relentless persuasion (what? I can’t hear you over the squirt bottle/fan combo I’m waving around my face like its my job.), we’ve pulled together a well-rounded list of perfect accessories to help you chill. Links below the photos.

1. SAFETY PIN CLIP  I’d wear a paper clip too if it was dipped in gold. It’s just SUH cute!

2. OVERSIZED BARRETTE This classic barrette must have chowed the “eat me” cake (Alice & Wonderland fans?). Mini things are adorable, but giant versions are just plain useful. Also how is this only $4?!

3. TORTOISESHELL CHIGNON STICK  I always have one of these in my bag – it’s way chicer than a pencil holding up a chignon when you’re burning the midnight oil.

4. GOLD LEAF CLUSTER HEADBAND Such a perfect bridesmaid hair accessory! Anyone can throw this in and make simple waves or a loose updo something major!

5. GOLD HEART CLIP Never met a shape clip I didn’t like. Bonus points if you can create a braided updo this interesting before adding it in!

6. HANDMADE GOLD HAIRPIN Have nothing for your hair that you do not know to be beautiful, or believe to be useful.

7. TURQUOISE AND BRASS BARRETTE This statement piece is so gorgeous and unique – use it with THIS trick to pony-up thick locks in the prettiest of ways.

8. THIN GOLD BAR HAIR CLIP Dramatic, yet simple – use this thin clip to hold back a few key pieces in any half-up scenario.

9. INFINITY HAIR CLIP For my finer-haired girls, this little gem is small and light-weight, so it can add a little pizazz to your maine without weighing it down.

10. SILK PONY BRAIDER When you find your creative vibes are flowing, make the prettiest braid ever with this soft pink silk woven through it.

11. CRYSTAL LEAF HEADBAND This is special enough to grace the locks of a late summer/early fall bride! It has just the right amount of sparkle, and the asymmetry keeps things interesting.

12. GOLD OUTLINE HAIR CLIP Simple and sleek – this barrette will keep your locks off your neck without drawing too much attention away from a very on-trend off-the-shoulder number.

….And the best part is, no one will notice your back sweat when you make gorgeous hair the focal point. Am I right?!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!