Everyone has been asking me what copper lid I’ve been doing in a lot of my last makeup tutorials so thank you for waiting for the breakdown! There’s just something about warm metals on the lid: coppers, champagnes, teaks and nudes, they either work in gorgeous harmony with brown and hazel eyes or they pop blue and green eyes. There are many ways to apply them — a single wash of color, an ombre sunset effect (coming soon!) or a reverse smoky cut crease like I did on Kori here.



  • A Warm Semi-Matte Metallic Palette — I (of course!) used my new Amy Nadine Renewing Nudes Palette because I’ve been developing it for almost a year to accomplish two things important to me: 1. I wanted to load it up with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients (Bamboo Silk, Red Raspberry Seed, Bilberry Seed Oil and Clover Flower Extract) so it works with your skincare program instead of against it by settling into fine lines and 2. I wanted it to have the same intense color payoff as if I had wet the brush beforehand. And I’m happy to report I was able to make both happen! You can buy it here ($$$) or if at Costco ($), even if you’re not a member!
  • An Angled Shader Brush – This one ($$) has replaced all other lid brushes in my kit because it really presses the shadow into the skin as it sweeps across the lid.
  • A Crease Brush — This one ($$) has been my favorite for a few years now because you can roll it as you sweep it along the crease.
  • A Smudge Brush (not shown) — Look for a long, dense and almost flat head like this one ($$).
  • An Angled Liner Brush — I love this ($$) because it’s longer than any other liner brush I’ve ever found, making it much more user friendly.
  • Your Favorite Mascara — I’ve been using this one ($) on all of my girls lately because it’s really thickening.



  1. Apply the Carat (champagne) shade all over the lid with the flat-headed brush.
  2. Apply the Copper shade along the crease with the crease brush.
  3. Sweep the same Copper shade along the bottom lashline with the smudge brush.
  4. Stamp the Mineral (off-white) shade in the inner corner with the dome-shaped brush.
  5. Trace the Teak (dark mahogany) shade along the upper lash line with the angled liner brush.
  6. Finish with a couple coats of mascara.

TBDFallsCopperCollage1 (1)


As you can see above, I’ve been using it on everyone LOL! You can say I’m a little obsessed…




Do I even need to post a whole story about why this barrette is my new jam for Fall? No. But I will. It’s so versatile as you can clearly see in this post and also– it’s EIIIIIGHT DOLLLLLARS. What? We’ve managed to do half up, messy bun, ponytail, and a side swept half up look so far. I’m sure there are lots of other ways to use this and I’m sure you’ll be seeing them here soon. You could absolutely wear this anywhere. You could pair it with a dress or with jeans and a simple tee.

Here’s how you’d style the look up top:

  • curl the hair using the curling iron linked at the bottom of this post.
  • pull the hair half up.
  • give it a light twist and insert the barrette.

gold barrette sephora the beauty department


The steps for this one are:

  • create a messy bun.
  • spread out the hair using your fingers.
  • add a couple bobbypins to secure the bun.
  • run the clip across the middle and secure.

gold barrette the beauty department


The ponytail is very simple.

  • wave as desired or air dry.
  • gather all the hair in a low ponytail.
  • secure the barrette near the nape of the neck.

I was fascinated to learn that this clip is versatile enough to hold all of our models hair or just a tiny section. There’s a spring inside that allows you to use this on pretty much any hair type.

sephora barette the beauty dept


For the side swept look:

  • brush out the hair to soften the waves.
  • use your comb to make a deep side part.
  • smooth a piece over to the opposite side and secure the clip.

It’s crazy how it stayed in place with just this tiny section of hair.





the beauty dept day to night sephora barrette

  • THE DAY + NIGHT HAIR CLIP (get it quick, I bet they’ll go fast. I got two so I could carry one in my purse.) UPDATE: this clip has been sold out, but you can find similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
  • THE CURLING IRON (I love these irons for major hold!! even those who say their hair doesn’t hold!)
  • GOLD BRUSH (I mean, you probably don’t need a gold brush but it’s good to know this exists)
  • BLACK COMB (get a good comb that won’t melt or break on you!)

(OH! And while we’re all caught up in this beauty bizz, let’s not overlook this ridiculously cute DRESS)




I’ve received so many questions about how I created How to Get Away With Murder’s Karla Souza‘s bright red lip stain on Saturday night that I had to recreate it again for you! When I send my girls out on a red carpet followed by a party, I try to send them with the lipstick in their clutch, but I feel more at ease when I know I did this triple threat method. Because it will. not. move! Period. So this is exactly what I did for Karla, then I went out to dinner with my friends and never worried about it for a second (which took years and a lot of practice for me to get that confident!).




  1. Line the upper lip perimeter with the lip pencil.
  2. Line the bottom lip perimeter.
  3. Fill in the entire lip area.



  1. Go over the lip area with the longwear lipstick. This one is ultra-moisturizing for a longwear formula and won’t move.



  1. Lastly, go over the lip liner and longwear lipstick with the liquid lip stain. Wait a minute before you drink or kiss anyone!


Yes you can do just one of the three products, or two of them, but if you do all three, you will drive home that night and when you go to wash your face, your lips should look as great as they did when you left for the party!




Hi bob + lob lovers! We’ve done a few tutorials, like THIS, THIS and THIS for you guys but I realized that we don’t have anything for the “uncoordinated” (as you often refer to yourselves in your emails)! So… we have to fix that. These are great for girls on the go who are rushing to work or trying to switch it up after work before heading out to dinner or on a date! All 3 of these can be mastered with little to no hairstyling skills. I snapped a quick photo down below of all the tools + products we used so you could see them! Let’s peep these looks…

bob lob styling the beauty dept short hair

This is simply a half-up, twisted bun, but we let the ends fall out. Start with your natural wave. If you don’t have natural wave, add some! Prep your hair before creating the bun by letting your natural wave air dry or you can use a 1″ barrell Hot Tools curling iron or you can do {flat iron waves} using the GHD 1″ classic styler.

  • Spray in a little Love + Salt wave spray and scrunch.
  • Pull half the hair up and twist into a bun. Insert your bobbypins. {OMG how gorge are these rose gold bobby pins!?}
  • Finish off with a veil of strong holding hairspray to keep it from unraveling. Here we used THIS ONE to get serious hold without any crunchhhhh.

work hair bob lob the beauty dept

This is exactly what it looks like! Two sparkly hair pins holding one half-up section together. Prep wet hair using Sexy Hair Soy Leave-In conditioner on the ends and Redken Hot Sets at the root. We used this Elchim blowdryer with a nozzle + this Ibiza round brush to give the hair a little lift at the root.

  • Once the hair is dry, we smoothed through very quickly {optional} using our GHD flatiron.
  • Gather a thin section and pull it back to create your half-up look.
  • Add one bobby pin on one side of the section and the other on the opposite side. It double inforces and looks cute! Here we used these sparkly Ban.do bobbies!
  • Tip: Spritz a little Sexy Hair Spray + Play Harder inside the bobby to get it stay put!

short hair styling the beauty department

Last but not least the faux bang! This has been around for ages but I think we forget about how much it can change your look! It’s such an easy ‘do!

  • Prep wet hair using Oribe Grandiose Mousse then rough dry or air dry. If your hair has a little wave or curl, leave it!
  • Create a deep side part using your tail comb
  • Spray a little Oribe Dry Texture into the bang area.
  • Add a little Sexy Hair Spray + Play Harder to the inside of your bobby pin.
  • Swoop a piece over and pin!
  • Add a little more dry texture and gently pull at the bang area until you feel the bang looks right.
  • To create additional texture in straight hair, we used a pea size dab of Redken Rough Paste 12. Warm it up in the palm of your hands and work it into the root. Drag whatever is left on your hands through the middle and ends.
  • Add a little hairspray to hold the bang in place if you feel the need!

short hair styling beauty department dept

  1. Elchim Blowdryer
  2. Bobbypins 
  3. Ibiza Round Brush (medium)
  4. Love + Salt beach spray
  5. Hot Tools 1″ spring iron
  6. Ban.do flash bobbypin set
  7. Oribe Dry Texture
  8. Redken Rough Paste 12
  9. Tail comb
  10. Redken Hot Sets
  11. GHD flat iron
  12. Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In
  13. Oribe Grandiose Mousse
  14. Sexy Hair Spray + Play Harder

{And in case you’re on the hunt for this gorgeous blouse, you can find that right HERE!}