Last year I shared my MultiMasking 101 Tutorial with you and today I want to show you how to get even more out of both of your serum and your sheet masks. Both are incredibly powerful skincare tools on their own, but paired together the right way and you will be emailing me about how plump and radiant your skin is! There really is nothing like it unless you spend an hour getting a facial at the spa. So the next time you have a first date or a big event where you really want to shine, spend ten minutes spoiling your skin and bringing it back to life with this technique. After five minutes wearing a sheet mask, lift it up and apply a face serum, then re-cover your face with the sheet and let it double-penetrate for another five minutes. The power of the two  together at the right moment is pure magic. Here’s how:



  • Peptide — I personally use this Hydropeptide Serum ($$$) twice a day, every day. I don’t use it on my clients because I don’t see them regularly enough for it to work its magic.
  • Anti-Aging — I love this one ($$) because it has retinol in it.
  • Anti-Acne — This one ($) really tackles unhappy skin, calms it down and clears it up.


  1. Open up the sheet mask and lay it over your face as demonstrated above.
  2. Rest for 5 minutes and let it do its job.
  3. Lift the sheet and fold it gently across the top half of your forehead.
  4. Pump your favorite serum onto your fingers and rub them together with your other hand.
  5. Apply the serum all over the face and neck in a gentle patting motion.
  6. Unfold the sheet from your forehead and cover your face again.
  7. Rest for another 5 minutes then remove the sheet. Pat any excess serum into the skin.

Oh and this is the Joan Crawford Needlepoint Pillow!




I go back and forth between powder blush and cream blush all the time on my clients (and myself). But if I had to choose, I love the fresh-faced look that only a cream blush can give. Powder blush always looks well, like powder that sits on top of the skin. It’s super pretty, don’t get me wrong! But let’s be honest: no one will believe it’s an actual flush. You just look like you love wearing makeup, hence the term “looking made up”. Which is our divine right! But when you want to use makeup to strategically enhance, define, accentuate and look more awake, you have to use different techniques and different products. In this case, we want to mimic that “in love” glow, so we would switch to a cream blush and stipple into the skin. But if you don’t have one handy, convert your powder blush into one with today’s tutorial! Here’s how:


tbd diy cream blushSTEPS


  1. Dip your finger into the moisturizer to grab a pea-sized amount.
  2. Swirl it in the palm of your hand. This thins it out and warms it up with your body’s temperature so it will melt together better.
  3. Slide the Q-tip across the powder blush with a little pressure to pick up a small amount of product.
  4. Now roll the Q-tip into the thinned-out cream in the palm of your hand.
  5. Swirl your magic solution around with your finger until it’s all mixed together.
  6. Dab the blush brush into the solution to load it up.
  7. Fake smile in the mirror to find the apples of the cheek and start on the top half as you stipple the brush from there along the top of your cheekbones. Some of my clients love to keep it concentrated on the apples only while others like to do a high corner flush, more towards the temples. Basically, if your face is very angular or bony, stick to the apples to add fullness. If your face is rounder or you’re a little heavier right now, suck in your cheekbones and concentrate the blush there (and follow the hollow with a bronzing powder to contour and thin them out!).




I can’t tell you how many times I leave for a job in the morning feeling quite lovely then look in the mirror around 3pm and gasp! I mean. What happened to my foundation and powder application? Life, I guess! But I’ve learned that the same product that I set my makeup with is what I can use to revive it. Except for instead of spraying it (which sets it), I do this technique. It’s something I discovered on set with clients because as much as they may love me, they don’t really appreciate me walking up to them and spraying their faces! So I needed to find a way to revive their powdered foundation another way. Here’s how you can too:

TBD Midday Blues



  • Your Favorite Face Spray — By now you know I’m beyond obsessed with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir (I buy the full size one ($$$) but you can try it out in this size ($)) because it takes years off of my clients’ faces by creating the perfect amount of dewiness and glow without looking shiny or oily. I also really really love this dewy mist ($$) that instantly brings foundation and powder back to life, no matter how caked they have gotten.
  • A Beautyblender Sponge — I especially love this one that comes with this fancy ring stand ($$) because it should always be on the counter so it can breathe and not in a makeup drawer with no circulation (I learned the hard way once when I cleaned it and put it back in my kit, only to find it mildewed!).


  1. Spritz a few times into the palm of your cupped hand.
  2. Dab the back of your egg sponge into the solution until all of it has been absorbed.
  3. Now gently tap the back of the sponge over any areas that have gotten cakey.
  4. Continue over areas that need life again.
  5. You can do this any time your face needs it!




Photo by : Denman, Ibiza, WET Brush, Warrentricomi, Spornette, Mason Pearson, Moroccan, Martino By Martino Cartier, Proraso Post by : Carachele Tyvan

Photo by : Denman, Ibiza, WET Brush, Warrentricomi, Spornette, Mason Pearson, Moroccan, Martino By Martino Cartier, Proraso
Post by : Carachele Tyvan

We’ve refreshed our brush kit and have included a few newest and latest must haves!

1.  THE DENMAN PADDLE BRUSH– You can detangle with it, blow dry with it, massage your head with it, and tease hair with it. It doesn’t pull or scratch because of its perfectly rounded nylon pin-bristles, it doesn’t cause static, and is padded with an air cushion. On a daily basis, I use it to blow my hair out quickly before I curl it with a curling iron.

2 . MOROCCAN OIL  BRUSHES– This brush acts as a curling iron when it heats up. Most people use this when they want a little bend on their ends without using a curling iron. It has a hollow core which allows air to flow through. In other words, your hair is being dried from the inside as well as the outside, and that speeds up drying time. This brush is not my particular favorite because they often scratch the scalp and if you don’t move fast enough, there can be too much heat between your blow dryer and the metal of the brush.

3. MARTINO BY MARTIONO CARTIER ROUND BRUSH WITH TOURMALINE – Need an quick efficient blow-dry? This Brush allows for a speedy blow-dry and is built to lock in moisture and cut frizz.

4. IBIZA ROUND BRUSHES– These are my favorite round brushes for home use. They’re gentle enough to give into a tangle, but strong enough to get tension for smoothing out waves. This brush is packed with the perfect amount of bristles, making it much easier to manage the hair while styling. The benefits of this brush create a smooth and shiny look that can last you a couple day!

5. DENMAN  THERMO CERAMIC -This is like #2 and #4 mixed together. Since this brush has both boar bristles and nylon bristles you have more control over the hair than you do with a regular metal core brush. The boar hair bristles also help prevent excessive contact between the hair and the metal. This is a rather versatile round brush. It can be used to create smooth straight hair or hair with lots of body.

6. SPORNETTE – “PORCUPINE” G36 -This is my all time favorite brush for bangs. Its an important, very affordable staple piece that’s good to always have on you if you are in need of controlling untamable bangs.

7. THE MASON PEARSON – This brush is considered the “ultimate grooming” brush. It is extremely gentle and nourishing on the hair and scalp. Although it is a bit pricy, it has its benefits!

8. PRORASO SHAVE BRUSH – All though The Proraso Shave Brush is generally used for a clean shave, I like to use it to tuck away remaining fly-a-ways on up-do’s. The Trick here is to mist the brush with a strong hold hair spray and gently brush down any excess hair.

9. WET BRUSH  – The ” Life Saver” of all brushes . I love to prep all hair types with this brush! It truly can detangle any type of hair wet or dry. What makes this brush so great is its ability to work through all tangles because of its intelliflex bristles.

10. WET BRUSH TRAVEL SIZE – The “Mini Life Saver” because I love to use the Wet Brush so much Its a must to have one on the go. I use it to freshen up my hair or detangle any unwanted knots that happen through out the day. Its the perfect travel size companion and can help tremendously detangling and prepping all hair types!

11. IBIZA OC BRUSH SERIES– Brushes for everyone! Fine, Medium, Course, this brush is an amazing tool that helps prevent the brush from tugging, pulling or breaking the hair.

12. HAIR BRUSH CLEANER  – This handy tool is a must have! It helps remove all excess hair and will preserve your tools!