TBD Favorite Swimwear

Post + Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

Spring is here, which also means that summer is right around the corner! For you gals who are shopping for a new bathing suit to rock this summer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bathing suits for this season! We’ve also been noticing that the Bardot vibe is starting to come around this season. With ultra-sexy one-piece suits to high-waisted bottoms, we’re loving the retro but contemporary vibes we’ve been seeing from a lot of swimsuits out there. Also! If you’re going to be frequenting the swimming pool this summer, check out our posts from the past about prepping your hair for the pool and also after the pool. Now, without further ado…here are our current favorites:


TBD Favorite Swimwear

1. Marysia Scallop Halter – I love this one-piece because of the scallop detailing at the ends. End of story.

2. Anthropologie Lace-Front Maillot – Asides from the intricate lace-detailing and super cute floral pattern, I love the deep-V plunge that this one-piece has!

3. OYE Esther One Piece - This is not your typical one-piece bathing suit. I love the unique cut-outs that give this sexy one-piece an edge.

4. MIKOH Seychelles One Piece  – I am in LOVE with the back of this bathing suit. In the front, it appears to be just a normal bikini, but then when you turn around – bam! It’s this crazy unique pattern made up of interconnected strings. #showstopper

5. Lolli Cake Walk One Piece – I am so gravitated by this suit because of the feminine touch that’s added with that big bow and then, of course, the unique cut-out in the middle.

6. She Made Me Essential Sliding Triangle Bikini Top - I personally own this bikini and I absolutely love it. It’s such a simple bikini but the crochet truly sets it apart from all other bikinis.

7. Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Flirt Bandeau - For those that love a good colorblocking pattern, this one is for you. I love this color combination, and another bonus? It’s sold at such an affordable price! #ChaChing!

8. Tori Praver Seafoam Midi Bandeau - This is just the bandeau top but if you’re getting this top, you’ve GOT to pair it with the high-waisted bikini bottom! It exudes a retro, Bardot feel and I simply LOVE it.

9. MIKOH Durban One Piece - Cut it out! This one-piece swimsuit is not like the basic one-piece swimsuit you wore at your swim meets in the 5th grade…The cut-outs just make this piece so unique, sexy, and cute.

10. Fringe Knit Top - Last but not least…we all need to pair our swimsuit with a nice little beach/swim cover-up…and why not with THIS super cute, crocheted fringe top?! What wins me over with this is, hands down, the fringe detailing.

Now we’d love to know…which swimsuits are your favorites? Holler in the comments below!




Every season it’s especially fun to play with new makeup products and trends, and Spring just might be my favorite! Today I’ve created a monochromatic face all pulled from variations of peach and entirely from liquid and cream products for a softer finish. Here’s how you can pick one color (peach) and pick different textures (metallic, sparkles or solid) and put together a pretty Spring face:


  • Liquid Eye Tint: Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash in Peach Prism — with so many gorgeous colors and one end metallic while the other end sparkle-y, this is one of the most fun drug store finds I’ve found in a long time! But when I went back to get more, it was sold out in all three of my local drug stores, so good luck! You could also try Giorgio Armani’s New Eye Tints that paint on and transfer from liquid to solid like beautiful watercolors!
  • Your Favorite Peach Cream Blush: our favorites are this cream-to-powder blush and this one in Abbey Rose.
  • Metallic Liquid Lipstick: I used this slightly metallic one in Electric Grandma because it’s 100% vegan and has an incredible color payoff.
  • Peach Lip Liner: I have two favorite peach lip liner that I keep in my kit — this one in Vintage Coral that I used on Stacy Kiebler here and this one in Streak that I used on Magali in this tutorial.



  1. Sweep the metallic liquid all over the lid. I included the crease so people can see it more when the eye is open, but that’s a preference thing so do what you feel makes you happy.
  2. Now sweep the sparkle-y side over the metallic wash. You might double dip and add a second layer like I did! Then don’t forget mascara of course. You can also rim the inner waterline with a black kohl if you wish for more drama.



3. Smile in the mirror and stipple the cream blush on the top half of each apple.

4. Line the perimeter of the lip area.

5. Fill in the remaining area, slightly overlapping the liner if you like a lined look (coming back in style big time!) or completely over the liner.




photos/post: Kristin Ess

photos/post: Kristin Ess

We don’t usually go into heavy detail about hair color around here because TBD isn’t a website geared toward industry pros (although I know some of you are, hey hunnies!!), but lately I’ve had a lot of people asking me about how to get more natural looking depth, contrast, color variation, whatever you personally like to call it. You sometimes will lose natural looking contrast over time, depending on the way your colorist does highlights. Adding some lowlights in between your highlights is one way to go but occasionally I see a new client and I just need to “start over”. I do that in 3 steps: coloring most of the hair back to it’s natural color, doing a fresh highlight, and then toning. If you feel like you’ve just lost that natural look and your hair is starting to look too solid for your liking, ask your colorist if you’d be a good candidate for this!

Who’s a candidate for this process?

  • someone who is a new client that comes in with wayyyy too many colors and tones from various processes.
  • someone who has been getting a base color + highlights (double process) who wants to return to a more natural look.
  • someone who has been in for repeated highlight appointments but never lowlights, losing contrast/color variation through the ends over time.
  • someone wanting a complete change of color, something that looks more natural.
  • someone who does not have overprocessed, weakened or broken hair.

The process:

  • I evaluate my clients hair. Emily (above) had a very heavy root growing in when I met her. She had multiple rounds of balayage in a short period of time.
  • I put some of her blondest and any weakened/delicate pieces into foils with a conditioner so I didn’t have to re-lift those. Those were mostly in front.
  • I colored the rest of her hair back to her natural color.
  • I blowdried that and then did my normal highlight over that adding Olaplex to my formula for additional insurance that she wouldn’t get any breakage.
  • I toned the hair to give it some glossy shine and to remove any unwanted warmth.

Things you should/shouldn’t do:

  • DO Make a consultation appointment with your hairstylist. Talk it over and look through photos together.
  • DO Ask them if going back to something close to your natural color and then re-highlighting would be okay for you. You want to make sure your hair is in good enough condition to handle the process. (Luckily with the advancements in color + Olaplex, this process isn’t necessarily hard on your hair the way it used to be, but still get the advice of a pro.)
  • DO Book and plan accordingly. If you’re going to do this process, just know it will take a little extra time. Make sure both you and your hairstylist have enough time to do it!
  • DON’T try this at home. I know there are some people who do a base color or even a mini highlight at home. This is not something I would suggest. It’s complicated and there are too many risks involved in doing this yourself. Leave this one to a pro.

Here is Emily’s hair curled and in the sunshine. If you want to know about these gorgeous waves, you can find the tutorial right HERE!

best beach waves ever the beauty dept




I’m always trying to find new ways to make our makeup more exciting, without becoming silly or overkill. Because makeup is a creative expression of how you feel each day, or how you want to feel each day… sometimes I feel blah but then put on mascara and a bright pink lip and feel so much better! So the more you can step out of a rut and try new things, the more colorful your life will be. You’ve tried my White Cat Eye tutorialOmbre Liner tutorialKitty Cat tutorial and Smoked Wing tutorial. Now try this fun variation! Think of it as underlining your wing. Here’s how:


  • Your Favorite Liquid Liner: This is my favorite felt-tip brush and this is my favorite brush-tip brush. They’re both longwear, a must for liquid liners! (I also love this dual-ended liquid liner that has both types of brush in the same liner!).
  • Any Colored Eye Pencil: I chose this one because it covers my three must’s for pencils — 1. longwear so it doesn’t smudge, 2. intense color payoff and 3. easy and smooth gliding. I also really love this one in Jade.



  1. With the black liquid liner, start at the inner corner and trace along the lash line, pressing harder as you get closer to the outer corner because you’ll notice, the lighter you press, the thinner the line and the harder you press, the thicker the line. Then wing it out and up for a little cat eye.
  2. Now take the colored pencil and underline the wing. I did it by starting at the end of the lower lashline and working in both directions; first underlining the flick and extending it slightly past, then coming inward 1/4 of the distance of the lower lashline. You could just underline the wing and not bring it inward if you wanted too. Just play with it and have fun!

I paired it with this sweet cheek and this lippie on Magali but you can change up the under flick shade then mix and match with your favorite blushes and lip colors!