Want to undo a late night? I read about this a few years ago from an interview with the lovely Kate Moss and it has saved me time and time again! The ice cold water tightens everything while the cucumbers depuff and soothe. It seems crazy but it feels ah-mazing. Angelique Cabral is back to show you how!



  1. Slice a cucumber. You don’t have to use a whole one like I did!
  2. Fill your sink with cold water. Add the ice to the water.
  3. Add the cucumbers to the water.
  4. Put your hair back, hold your breath, close your eyes and plunge your face into the water, holding it there as long as you can before you need a new breath. Repeat if desired.
  5. Pat your skin with a towel and add the serum.




Over the last (almost!) five years, I’ve shared every makeup tip, secret and trick that I know here with you over 500 (!!) makeup tutorials. But over the last few months, I’ve started doing this on my clients and wanted to share it now that I’ve tested it on most skin tones and textures. I learned it from one of my makeup icons and love how it really brings the products to life and sets the look at the same time. So I grabbed my girl Angelique Cabral from CBS’s Life In Pieces to show you how to work a hydrating spray into your beauty routine.




  1. Apply foundation all over face and neck as you typically would.
  2. Holding the bottle 12 inches from your face (for photographic purposes, she had to hold it closer!) and imagine your face divided into four sections as you spritz each section.
  3. Wait for it to dry then powder face by stippling (pressing) the powder all over skin.
  4. Spritz again.
  5. Wait for it to dry then target powder your T-zone with an eyeshadow blending brush.
  6. Don’t forget the sides of the nose.
  7. Lightly contour just under the cheekbone, the hairline, the temples and the jawline.
  8. Apply blush to the top half of apples.
  9. Finish with a final spritz.

In case you were wondering, Angelique is wearing the gold shade from this palette.



lucy hale people's choice hair up

As you may know by now, Pretty Little Liars took home a People’s Choice Award this week! A mega congrats to them. HOORAY! In addition to that mega-honor, this epic TEEN VOGUE article says that Lucy also won the short haired updo game! We were overly excited to hear that because we put a whole lot of love into this updo. What most people may not know is that it was POURING rain in LA on Wednesday so we had to do something that would work with the weather. (Side note: that’s something I’ve learned along the way– my hairspray is not stronger than mother nature, so come up with a plan that leans her way!) This updo would be gorgeous whether it’s raining or not but the glowy texture really works with humidity and just ends up feeling neo-romantic. Okay, here are some tips, tricks and steps we took to get Lucy’s chin length bob into this braided updo…lucy hale people's choice awards 2016 braided updo


This tutorial is directed at shorter lengths, so the struggle will be less real if your hair is a bit longer, but you can still follow these same steps.



  • Start with wet hair. Biggest surprise might be that we never blew her hair out. When Lucy’s hair was wet, I added in a light layer of this GEL SERUM and followed by a light layer of  STYLING CREAM.
  • Next we side parted her hair so we could get the braid to sweep across the hairline. You get more braid visibility in the front when you side part!
  • While the hair was still damp, I braided it across the hairline first, stopping in the back near the occipital bone (that’s the little bone you can feel in the back of your head). I tied it off with one of these tiny ELASTICS.
  • Next I braided the other side until it met the first braid in the back center. BTW, these are regular french braids, not inside-out or dutch braids. The whole thing will seem kind of tight and not as fun at first, but don’t worry! It will get fun.
  • After your braids meet in back, the hair underneath should be nearly dry.
  • I shook a little TEXTURE POWDER on the shorter hairs, twisted them and pinned them up. The TEXTURE POWDER is KEY. I would seriously struggle with getting a short bob to stay if I didn’t have this powder and you likely will, too. The grit that comes from this powder helps the bobbypins stay put and keeps the hair from slipping. That stuff is essential in pulling this off.
  • Last, I went around loosening the braid. This is where we tend to have the most fun with this look. I pull on each individual loop and then pull little bits out to add that glowy halo effect. Use your own judgement based on your hair type. You can use a STRONG HOLD hairspray at the end if you want. I used it because RAIN. Serious RAIN.

braided updo on a bob lucy hale people's choice 2016


And let’s not forget this glowy victorian glam makeup by my girl, @KDeenihan! More info on that look right HERE!


lucy hale people's choice hair updo


I know bob babes may not believe they can do this, but I promise you can with a little texture powder, strong bobbypins and patience! Also, can you believe, not a single heat styling tool was used in creating this look!? So fun! xx


pearl jamz the beauty department urban outfitters free people hair

Clutch the pearls, girls!! As you may know, we’re always on the hunt for new hair accessories. We live for a good trend but we also get down with the stand-alone classic! (Remember THIS ONE!?) Pearls are clearly a classic but we’re finding that they’re having a big moment right now and wanted share some of our current faves!

  1. THE PEARL PONY. Dresses up a simple outfit in a classic way.
  2. DOUBLE STRAND PEARL/STAR HEADBAND. So gorgeous. You could definitely see this on a maid-of-honor.
  3. PEARL VINE HEADBAND. And then of course, this on a bride!
  4. PEARL BOBBYPINS (ASSORTED SIZES). Love this set of four! So great for placing randomly in a chignon or braid.
  5. TINY LEAF COMBS. Dresses up a messy bun in under two minutes! I know these aren’t pearl but they made it into the accessory report anyway! So dainty.
  6. SINLGE PEARL FRENCH PIN. This is my FAVORITE of all of these. So simple and extremely chic.
  7. PEARL TRIO. (PS, this set is on saaaaale!)
  8. BRANCH BOBBIES. These would be amazing for an outdoor winter wedding!

the beauty department pearls and gold