I’ve noticed cut creases are still going strong and look really beautiful on almost all eye shapes (especially pretty on monolids!). So I wanted to share my biggest tips to create a cut crease that you’ll really love.

  1. Notice the way Chloe held the brush in the crease, using the end of the brush to apply it then the side of the brush to smooth it.
  2. Notice we’re using a lay-down brush instead of a blending brush. This really presses the powder into the crease.
  3. And most importantly, notice she first applied a cool-toned shade with a light hand then switched to a warm-toned shadow with a little more pressure. The dance between the shades really makes magic. Here’s how:


  • A smoky shadow palette that has both warm and cool shades. Chloe used this baked palette ($$$) in Infinity and I also love this budget-friendly palette ($).
  • A classic lay-down eye shadow brush. I always use this one ($$) on my clients but you can try this one ($) too!
  • You favorite mascara. As you know I am obsessed with this dream mascara because it really fluffs up the lashes then you can twist the mini handle out of the top and it squeezes off the excess so you can use it on the bottom lashes.
  • A black kohl pencil (not shown). As you can see below, there’s a little leftover liner that Chloe arrived to the shoot with and I kept it because I love a little lived-in liner. This one ($) is my favorite.

tbd cut crease secretSTEPS

You might think this is just a nighttime look but I love it in the day too! If I’ve forgotten anything that you want to know about cut creases, ask me in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. xx

tbd cut crease secretFINAL




If you do a search for brows on our site, you’ll see an evolution from merely tweezing to tinting to stenciling and big bold brows! It’s been fun over the last five years watching the trends come and go and now I’m obsessed with a brow that is defined and filled in but with a light hand. No more overkill stenciled drawn-on brows that are anything but feminine! But still very defined and anything but ignored. Here’s how:


tbd the modern browSTEPS

Make sure when you’re tracing the lines to do so lightly and in a color one shade lighter than your own brows so it’s barely detectable.

Personally, I don’t see any reason to go bolder than that with the brows. What do you think?




There’s something about relaxed, undone waves on shorter lengths that just feels incredibly chic. It might be on of the most popular inquiries on my instagram when I post hair photos. I get asked what products I use, what curling iron size I use and what my secret is for this look. It’s a combination of those 3 things and I’m going to take you through it. kristin ess waves

The first thing you’re going to want to do is curl your hair with THIS CURLING IRON. It’s a 1″ spring barrel and it’s pretty straight forward. If you need help with your iron waving technique, SEE THIS VIDEO. We also used THIS THICKENNG SPRAY on Nora’s hair before drying because it helps to create thickness and longer lasting hold in fine hair, but that’s optional for you. I personally have longer hair that holds curl well, so I don’t typically prep with that when I do this on myself, but totally up to you based on your hair type!

the beauty department short hair waves

Repeat the same wave on both sides and around the back. Curl away from the face. I usually avoid curling underneath in the back all together to avoid that bulky look. I typically just do the top 2 inches of hair that fall over the back. (Time saver alert!! ha!)

wave tutorial short hair

Now you’re going to have something like this. Some people will prefer this and that’s totally cute if you’re into a more defined curl. However this tutorial is all about that relaxed, subtle looking wave, so we carry on…

loose waves trick the beauty dept

Next step, take your flat iron (as you may already know, I greatly prefer THIS FLATIRON), very gently and quickly tap, tap, tap the wave from about an inch away from your roots, all the way to the bottom. If you need an in-action visual on how to tap, see my INSTAGRAM VIDEO for help. If you quickly tap the curl up and down the head it will soften the wave and flatten it out, just the right amount! Don’t go overboard with tapping, it’s subtle!

beauty department flat iron waves


Your final look after tapping should be similar to this! Once you’re all tapped out, I like to add a little pomade/serum combo for separation. Here, Nora used THIS POMADE and THIS SERUM together. A pea-sized dab of pomade and a pea sized dab of serum. Rub them together in your palms until they’re blended. Then rub this product cocktail in at the root and work your way down to the ends. Last but not least, add a spritz or two or three of your favorite hairspray. Here we used THIS!

Okay so your list of tools one more time, just in case:

I do this trick on long hair and short hair, thick hair and thin hair! It’s the quickest, easiest way to get this wave and we hope you try it out! Don’t forget to tag us in your photo on our INSTAGRAM if you do!




Clearly haven’t gotten over my obsession with the CIRCLE BARRETTE. I’ve been finding other ways to use it and this might be my current fave. It doesn’t hurt that this is the easiest style in the world! You just need two of the clips and some waves in your hair…

the beauty department circle hair clip 1

Here we wrap curled (not using the clamp) with a 1″ Hot Tools Spring Iron.

the beauty dept wavy hair circle barrette

Next up, add some texture with a soft beach wave spray like THIS!

the beauty department wavy hair circle barrette

Pretty, textured waves will help the clip stay in place and prevent sliding.

circle clip barette

Clip the hair half up. I love these CIRCLE BARRETTES because you can use them any way you want! You could clip this in and stop here if you wanted.

beauty dept circle hair clip barrette

Or you could pull some hair through the circle and stop here! This is a cute half up style just AS IS, right?? But let’s keep going.

the beauty dept cirlce clip hair

Add the second clip. Use as much hair as you feel fits comfortably into the barrette. Snug but not stuffed. These clips are pretty strong, if you ask me. Karleigh has a ton of hair but they don’t pop open easily like some others tend to! Don’t be afraid that they’re going to do that. And also don’t feel like you need to use all the hair. We left a bottom section of Karleigh’s hair down underneath. If you look closely you can see that we didn’t pick it all up.

double circle barrette hair the beauty dept

Pull the second section through your circle clip! Use a little hairspray, wave spray, texture spray, whatever! Or even it a little more wave with your curling iron. Finished look is up top!


What do you guys think of the CIRCLE BARRETTE!? Have you tried using this yet? So good for a 5 minute hairstyle (not including wave time, obv)! It’s such a great alternative to a braid or a topknot. It’s awesome that these clips are $12. I think that’s very affordable and I love how many different ways you can use it!