photos/post: Kristin Ess

It’s Sunday funday and you’re hopefully not headed to school or the office, so why not try something different to tie off your dutch/french/fishtail braid for the rest of the weekend? This little wrap detail is something I’ve been doing to my clients for a little while just to make things look a little more interesting than normal so thought it would be fun to share. The great news is you only need one tool! A thin ponytail holder. With all the fun braid tutorials we’re putting up this summer, like THIS ONE, THIS ONE or THIS GEM, you should definitely give this a shot!

All you’re doing differently when you tie off your ponytail is pulling the ponytail elastic down each time you twist or wrap it around the tail of your braid. You’ll see that it will criss-cross and make tiny “x”s as you work your way down. If you have difficulty getting it right, pull the tail of the braid really tight as you work the ponytail holder down, alternating hands as you go.

This is what it should look like as you go…

And this is what it looks like completed. Easy, breeze. It’s not hard, but sometimes a great little detail can make all the difference!

photo courtesy of debby ryan

Even my favorite lil stunnerĀ Debby Ryan is getting in on this boho-y wrap action as seen on her instagram.

If you try this, as always we would LOVE to see it so don’t forget to tag us @thebeautydept! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!