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Why not make some magic happen while you sleep? A lot of people ask me why my hair is so shiny with all the heat styling that I do. I usually credit my in-salon gloss that I do between colors and my favorite leave-in conditioner that I swear brings mega shine, BUT… let’s not discount the power of my secret weapon that I often forget to mention. Once a month or so (sometimes more if I’ve been hard on my hair) I bust out the big guns– the overnight treatments. I’ve these treatments for a long time. I discovered them back when I was blonde about 10 years ago and needed serious protein infusion for my weakened hair. I’ve tried quite a few and I love different ones for different reasons. Thought it would be good to share these with some of you looking for intense repair. Apply a liberal amount from middle to ends of your hair, throw it in a bun and get some sleep! Shampoo in the morning, style as usual.

night hair treatments the beauty department

  1. Caviar Anti-Aging Treatment for hairThis is a damage-fighting leave-in treatment  that penetrates deeply and absorbs instantly for a full night of hair restoration. Safe for color treated hair. This system is proven to improve hair damage by 44%. 3.4 oz. For dry, aging hair.
  2. Kerite: This one has a very lightweight texture. It melts into the hair and can be left in the next day or shampooed out if needed. Hair is left stronger, softer and more manageable. This one is wonderful for weakened hair caused from bleaching!
  3. Overnight Miracle: This affordable alternative goes to work while you’re asleep to renew and fortify damaged hair. It targets damaged strands with its weightless, non-sticky formula, ensuring that your pillow stays clean while your hair becomes soft, shiny, and smooth.
  4. Pro-Mend: In one use, it binds 94% of split ends back together and dramatically strengthens against future splits. This is great for anyone looking to skip a haircut whether you’re trying to grow your hair out or just can’t prioritize a salon visit in your budget.
  5. Herbal Coconut Oil: Long before the modern day cream conditioner was born, coconut oil was applied to the hair prior to cleaning to moisturize, detangle, and emulsify dirt for easy removal. This is a great natural alternative, and coconut oil is always a good idea! Great for dry hair, not great for light blondes as it can tend to yellow the color a little.
  6. Secret de nuit: I love this one for moisture particularly. When my hair just feels dry all over, I apply a good amount of this and go to sleep. I wake up, shower, shampoo, condition and it’s like that dryness never happened.
  7. Over Night Hair Repair: this one  is a gel product based with pure water. It’s designed to build the elasticity and strengthen hair but I think this one really gives it a gorgeous shine. Almost at-home c0lorgloss-like.
  8. Magic Elixir: this is pumped with oils and mineral and vitamins, oh my! This one is a good idea for anyone whether your hair is damaged or not. Even if you just want to spoil yourself and put some good good into your hair, this is the lightweight magic for you. I also love this one for when I get dry scalp! You can do an overnight treatment on your scalp just the same, just make sure to protect your pillow!
  9. L’Huile de Palme: This one can actually be used in many ways and overnight application is just one. You can also use this to protect your hair in the pool or from the sun. Great to have around in the summer! This is oil and vitamin based so you’re getting protection, nutrition and shine in this one.