Glazing your hair is really important, particularly if you tend to go an extra long time between cuts or colors. Hair gets dull and luckily there is an at-home solution to lackluster locks– glazing. Think of it like a topcoat for your nails, but instead it’s for your hair. Glosses and glazes help seal the cuticle down and increase shine, big time. I put a color glaze on every single client after I do their hair because it seals in all the hard work we’ve done. Luckily, many companies have started making glazes that you can buy and do on your own at home without having a pro license. 10 years ago I would have said it was a bad idea to do this at home without the supervision of a pro, but the new glosses are completely user friendly. You can see the difference in Katie’s hair below. We used a gloss that had a golden tone to it. It warmed up her hair and left it super shiny.

For this tutorial we used Redken Shades EQ Crystal Clear + Shades EQ Processing Solution. Admittedly, the bottles are kind of expensive, but you’ll get many uses out of each one. For Katie’s hair we used 2 ounces of the Crystal Clear and 2 ounces of the Processing Solution. If you have the same amount of hair, you would get 8 treatments out of both bottles combined.

A more accessible and user friendly at home glaze isĀ John Frieda color glaze. ($10) available in several shades. (For this one you shampoo and conditioner first as opposed to the one we applied to dry hair.)

1) Latex gloves

2) Paddle brush or detangling brush

3) Color applicator bottle (color glaze inside)

4) Comb

5) Shower cap

6) Clips

1. Brush your hair out so there are no tangles.

2. Put a towel over your shoulders and secure it with a clip.

3. Clip up your first section.

4. Pull the hair around and begin applying gloss just below the root. You don’t need to gloss your roots– they’re usually more shiny than the rest of your hair due your own natural oils.

5. Push all the hair in the same section over to the opposite side and apply a small amount more.

6. Comb that through as well.

7. Clip up the next section.

8. Repeat the steps above for each section!

9. [Tip]: If you think you missed a spot, squeeze some clear gloss on to the fine side of the comb.

10. Comb it through any questionable spots.

11. Wrap your hair up and secure it in place using a claw clip.

12. I like to add a shower cap to contain the natural heat that rises from our head. You can also take a blow dryer to it on low heat for 3 minutes.

Allow this to set for about 30 minutes total. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Blow out your hair as you normally would.

Have any of you done an at-home glaze before?

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