Post/Photos: Kristin Ess

Based on your comments on Instagram and here on TBD about how much you loved our quick lemon mani last Monday, we thought we’d polish up another little pretty one! It’s so simple and fast, anyone can do it. Plus, how could you resist a cute floral pattern?

1. Using your flavor of the week polish (any color will do), draw a flower using the polish brush (don’t worry about the shape of the flower, you will notice ours are never the same and never symmetric; I happen to think the more abstract the better). For this mani, we used Sally Hansen Kook-a-Mango (guess we’re on a fruit kick!).

2. Using a mechanical pencil as your dotting tool, place four dots in the center of the flower. We used Sally Hansen Gray-t Escape.

3. Still using the mechanical pencil, draw on leaves using a green polish (like we did with Essie First Timer) to go on each side of the flower.

4. Repeat the steps above to create different colored flowers like we did here. We used Zoya Pippa for the other yellow flowers.

Now let us know in the comments where you plan to sport this little number! Maybe match it to your solid-colored skirt for a little pop of pattern?