Photos and Post by Eunice

Hello, everyone!

I want to e-introduce myself — my name is Eunice and I’ve been working with The Beauty Department as the lead Graphic Designer for the past five years and I am excited to say I am joining TBD as a Guest Contributor this yearHeads up though — I am NO expert in hair or makeup. However, what I hope to bring to TBD is some inspiration from just your average gal. I am always experimenting with beauty, and want to share these experiences right here, with you guys. Today, I am sharing with you what’s in my beauty bag — my beauty products that I currently can’t live without.

  1. TARTE EYESHADOW – Tarte is honestly the only eyeshadow palette I’ve used in my life. This eyeshadow palette was gifted to me and I use this everyday, as I feel this neutral palette compliments any outfit.
  2. BENEFIT BROW GEL – So I’m still learning how “achieve” the “perfect” brows,  so recently I’ve started using this brow gel and I am officially hooked. I’m already running out of this and need to reorder!!
  3. L’OREAL LIQUID EYELINER – this has been my go-to liquid liner for the past two years. Honestly, I still can’t get myself to spend $20 on a liquid liner because this one just does the job and it is only $10!
  4. ANASTASIA BROW PENCIL – Again, in an effort to “achieve” the “perfect” brow, I’ve started filling in with this brow pencil and am in love. I was also using Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil until I ran out. I highly recommend both brow wiz pencils!
  5.  MAYBELLINE EYELINER – this has been my go-to kohl eyeliner for years, but right now I am also using this Kevyn Aucoin pencil eyeliner (gifted to me) that I am currently obsessed with as well.
  6. TOO FACED MASCARA – I was introduced to this mascara by a handful of friends and yep, I’m hooked!
  7. BENEFIT BROW HIGHLIGHTER – And again… in an effort to “achieve” the “perfect” brow look, I’ve been using this brow highlighter to accentuate my brows and I cannot stop using this.

  1. NARS CREAMY CONCEALER – This has been my go-to creamy concealer for years.
  2. LAURA MERCIER POWDER HIGHLIGHTER – I just purchased this two weeks ago and so far, I love it. (And thank god for THIS tutorial or else I would not have known how to highlight my face ha!)
  3. MAKEUP FOREVER LIQUID FOUNDATION – My go-to liquid foundation. This is the first and only liquid foundation I’ve tried and can’t imagine switching to another!

  1. VASELINE LIP BALM – my roommate gifted this to me and it is a balm I cannot. stop. using. (P.S. did you check out Amy’s post yesterday on her secret to getting feathered brows? Hint: it involves lip balms.)
  2. DIOR LIP BALM – So, I have a rotation of 3 different go-to lip balms and this one is always in one of my bags.
  3. GLOSSIER LIP BALM – my roommate gifted this to me too and yup, I am obsessed. I have the Cherry flavor and FYI it takes just like Starburst.

  1. MOROCCAN OIL – I have been using this for YEARS. It smells amazing and makes my hair sooo soft. 
  2. OUAI DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY – I never knew how to bring more volume/texture to my hair until I was introduced to dry texturizing spray. I tried out this Ouai spray and I totally get it now. Also, Kristin just launched her new hair line and I already have Kristin’s Dry Texturizing Spray being shipped & on the way to my arms this week. (CAN’T WAIT TO TRY)
  3. TRESEMME HAIRSPRAY – My other go-to hairstyle is a FUN BUN, and this that’s when I really only use this hairspray — to tame all my baby hairs! I always carry a travel size with me. I also ordered Kristin’s Hairspray which I am verrry excited to try this week!!
  4. GHD CLASSIC FLAT IRON – I’ve been using this flat iron for 13 years. I’ve never touched another flat iron in my life (well, unless I had to borrow a friends’ but I rarely travel without this iron). I am only on my second one too so it’s worth the extra $$ (if you use a flat iron everyday like me)!


  1. ANATOMY OF A FRAGRANCE HAND CREAM (pictured in opening photo, bottom right) – my current favorite hand cream to combat the dry skin!

Side note: I’m currently on the hunt for a good blush and bronzer — what are your guys’ faves? Curious to hear so please share them below!

Xx Eunice