Hair accessories are having a major moment, as we know. A little sparkle or shine quickly elevates air-dried/undone hair to another level. I’m not sure about your personal methods of buying, but when it comes to sunglasses and hair accessories I like to invest in a couple good ones and then have a nice curation of affordable ones around for me to break or lose. You can imagine my surprise when I walked into my local Target last week (no this is not an ad or sponsored) and noticed that they’re really upping their game in the hair accessories department. I naturally gravitated to all the gold goods, bought some, had my client air-dry her hair and we put them to the test.

The one you see above is a PONYTAIL CUFF. It can be used in the typical way to hold a thick or thin pony as it has a rubber band attached below the gold metal. Here we made a ponytail but then only looped it halfway through on the last loop, creating more of a messy bun. Let’s be honest, finding a gold ponytail cuff under for $8 is a dream.

This GOLD BAR was a no brainer. One step, clip in, done. For this look, we twisted the ponytail before clipping in the gold bar. Btw– also under $8.

I’ve been a long-time fan of the exposed bobbypin, and even bigger fan of the TINY GOLD BOBBY PIN. They’re just so KEWT! So here we combined the two. They’re flattering when paired with any hair color and allow you a little creative freedom when doing an updo. (Here I was clearly inspired by those chic AF ponytails at Cushnie et Ochs from last year!)