We’ve all been there. We get a little tweezer happy and before we know it, we have tadpoles with tails. Or it’s not our fault at all and we’ve entrusted a new esthetician who clearly had a different (thinner) vision in mind. But don’t panic! There’s a way to fill them in while you’re waiting for them to grow out. Here’s how: 


  • Brow Shadow — The holy grail of brows is Too Faced’s Brow Envy Kit. It comes with the perfect shades, a mini spoolie brush and a stiff angled brow brush. If you already have the accessories, try our favorite brow powder.
  • Stiff-Angled Brow Brush — The stiffer the better and this one builds the perfect brows.
  • Water and Small Cup– if you’re in your bathroom, you can simply dip your brush under running water.
  • Spooly Brush — You can use a disposable mascara wand or at $1.99, this one is a steal!
  • Concealer — If you haven’t tried Pur Minerals Disappearing Act Concealer, you’re in for an amazing surprise! It covers everything.
  • Concealer Brush — This one is a must-have for your kit because it really presses the concealer into the skin.


  1. Pour a small amount of water in a small cup and dip the brow brush into it. You can also simply wet it under running water.
  2. Strike the wet brush a couple of times against the brow powder. Sweep it against the back of your hand to smooth it out before you go near your face!
  3. Brush up the hairs with the spooly brush.
  4. Start at the bottom of the base of the brow and trace a line to the bottom of the arch.
  5. Continue outlining the bottom from the arch to the end of the tail. Exaggerate it a little so it looks like it did before you overplucked.
  6. Repeat by outlining the entire top of the brow, but don’t exaggerate it; stay within the real perimeter. Then wet and dip again then fill inside the outline by mimicking hair strokes.
  7. Brush the base hairs upward with the spooly brush.
  8. Brush the tail hairs outward.
  9. Dip the concealer brush into the concealer and sweep it along the brow bone directly under the brow.

Now grow out those brows with the help of our DIY Brow Serum Tutorial and vow to never overpluck again!