I’ve learned through the years that not only are all eyes shaped differently and require different makeup applications, but my clients have very strong preferences on how they like to have their eyes done! I have a dozen clients that refuse to wear liner on the upper lid and only want it along the bottom. In the beginning (travel back to 2003) I didn’t really understand why  and just thought different strokes for different folks… then I realized it’s because they didn’t want to lose any upper eye space that could potentially close up their eyes or make them look smaller! Genius, actually! So today I present the Upside Down Cat Eye, a dramatic style for those with smaller eyes or those who just want to try something different! 


  • Nude Eye Shadow — I used Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow in Nude Swings because it is one of the only powder formulas that actually stays on for hours and doesn’t crease.
  • Kohl Pencil — Try MAKE UP FOR EVER Kohl Pencil because it goes on incredibly smoothly and is formulated for the most sensitive of eyes, so important when lining the inner waterline and closely around the lashline.
  • Angled Liner Brush — I actually used the brilliant, thin, angled liner brush that’s on the back end of Chantecaille’s Gel Liner Pencil. It’s the only long-wear gel liner that I’ve ever found in a pencil form and I’m obsessed with the liner brush that comes with it.


  1. Brush the nude shadow all over the lid and crease with a shadow brush.
  2. Start at the inner corner and make a little point  with the pencil like a feline cat. Sweep the pencil from that point up along the lower lashline as demonstrated above.
  3. Continue along the lower lashline until you reach the outer corner.
  4. Extend the line from the outer corner to create the outer wing. Don’t worry about it being perfect or too blunt.
  5. Perfect the wing with an angled liner brush by gently “pulling” the line so it thins out to a “point”.
  6. Go back and fill in the inner bottom waterline with the kohl pencil.

This look isn’t for everyone but you won’t know if it’s for you unless you try it. So if you haven’t tried it, like all of our looks, please don’t hate on it in the comments until you’ve at least seen for yourself! Thank you!