Aren’t you tired of battling dryness every single winter? Then spending Spring trying to undo it? It’s not your fault; between having the heat on at home, in the car, space heaters under our desks… our skin doesn’t stand a chance. Until now! I learned this trick from a yoga instructor in New Mexico over the holidays; you know, one of those women who looks twenty years younger than her age. I was so embarrassed when she walked over to check my form and my legs were so scaly no matter how much lotion I piled on. I had to say something and she nonchalantly told me to always apply body oil before showering instead of after. At first it sounded bizarre but she was totally right! One of the most drying things that we do to ourselves is taking a hot shower. The outer layer of our skin (the epidermis) is made up of keratin and oil to protect the keratin. The hot water temperature softens the oil layer until it melts and washes away. Yes, switching to a moisturizing body wash is a definite must. But in the winter we tend to take not only hotter showers but longer ones too and a moisturizing body wash isn’t enough to keep your skin from getting dry. I’m sure you’re already using a moisturizing body wash but still noticing how much drier your skin is in the winter time. So try this technique like our model Alyssa above and let us know if it works for you too!

Our Favorite Body Oils:


  1. Pump/pour a generous amount into the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub your hands together.
  3. Spread it all over your body before you jump into the shower. Rub it in enough to cover all areas but avoid your face. If you want to try this with your face, use a facial oil instead of a body oil. Then carry on as normal in the shower washing your hair, face and body.

After showering, you’ll notice that your skin feels so much softer and happier. Then make sure to moisturize within two minutes of toweling off so you add moisture back in before the skin seals up. Use your favorite body moisturizer or the same oil you used before showering. Winter won’t stand a chance.