Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Concentrate the mascara on the roots! Why? Because that’s where you can add fullness and volume without the lashes getting clumpy. A few months ago I started playing with this technique of “stamping” the brush three times across ONLY the roots and couldn’t believe how effective it is! Still apply mascara all the way through the lashes first, but then instead of leaving it like that, take another mascara wand and press it against the roots then pull it away, keeping it from ever touching the tips. The result is night and day. And if your lid space is on the smaller side, you don’t have to use eyeliner to open up the eye and therefore don’t lose any surface area. The root stamp almost creates the illusion of liner, but when you blink or look down, there is no liner, just lots of lid, taking it one step further than tightlining! Here’s how: 


Your Favorite Mascara: I like to use a straight brush wand to coat the lashes from lash to tip. Try this one so you don’t get clumped! Then I like to switch to a curved brush wand to stamp the roots with and this one is my favorite because the shape of the wand really presses the product into the roots. You can certainly use the same wand for both techniques, but if you have two tubes, and one happens to be a straight brush and the other a curved brush, you’re good to go!


  1. After applying mascara like you normally would (revisit my Do It Right Mascara Tutorial to make sure you’re doing it right!) then with the second brush (or re-dip the first wand to load it up with more product), start at the outside corner and press it against the base of the upper lashes. Normally you would start there then pull it up through the lashes to the tip. Stop yourself!! It’s crazy how much you’ll want to but don’t let yourself! Just press it once against the root and pull the wand away from your face.
  2. Repeat by stamping the wand at the root but this time at the center of your upper lashline.
  3. Then stamp the wand at the root of the the inside corner of your upper lashline. Look in the mirror and decide if you’re happy with the effect or if you’re like me and want a little more, repeat steps 1-3. Stamp, stamp, stamp!
  4. Stamp the root of the bottom lashes (it’s harder because they are much shorter) and if you hit the tips accidentally, gently pull the product off by pinching the tip of your lashes between your thumb and index finger and pulling slightly.