Photography by Amy Nadine, Post by Sophia Flores, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

We’ve done a couple tutorials on Contouring and Highlighting (revisit this one and this one) but today we’re focusing on an intense liquid highlight from HEAVEN! It reflects light in all the right places and really brings the skin to life. I’ve enlisted my colleague Sophia Flores again to model and break down exactly how she does it above (and why she does it before foundation instead of after!). To keep the focus on the highlighting technique and how to apply foundation with it, we purposefully didn’t do any makeup on her eyes, cheeks or lip.



  1. Pump a drop of the highlighter (a little goes a long way!) onto the palm of your hand/the counter/a glass palette. Dip the tip of the concealer brush into the liquid.
  2. On moisturized skin, paint a line along the top of your nose. Then paint two more lines on top of each cheekbone as demonstrated above.
  3. Using the side edge of the brush, trace the perimeter of the upper lip.
  4. Again using the side edge of the brush, trace sideways V’s on the inner corners of each eye. Revisit our Eye Separation Tutorial for more details.
  5. Paint the indentation just above where your chin pops out.
  6. Lightly blend the highlighter on the nose by lightly swirling and tapping your finger.
  7. Repeat along the cheekbones.
  8. Continue by blending the cupid’s bow and the chin indentation.
  9. Now lightly apply foundation all over the face and neck with a foundation brush. The illuminizing liquid is intense enough to still shine through the foundation (and is too strong without a light coat of foundation on top of it to slightly tone it down for a more natural glow).

Don’t worry about having different skin tones because you apply the Illuminizer before foundation. That’s the genius part about this method!