photos/post/design: Kristin Ess

We love a one-sided hair do ’round here. Now we’re doing it with a little twist– literally. A side part, a braid of your choice + a twist is all it takes!

  1. Give your hair a little natural-looking wave. If you already have it, lucky you.
  2. Find your side part.
  3. On the heavier side, part the hair a little below the hair line (1-2″ depending on thickness) and then…
  4. Hide a tiny clear elastic in there. You’ll use this to anchor your bobbypin later.
  5. Braid a section on the less heavy side.
  6. Pull it up and over. Twist it under and toward your face so you pretty much spin the braid around and lay it flat when taking it over your head.
  7. Pin the tail of the braid to the hidden elastic using a bobbypin.

If you have thicker hair, try doing a small fishtail braid as it will lay flatter! That’s what we did in the top photo. If you try this, we want to see it! Tag us @thebeautydept on instagram! xo