So many bows, so little time. A lot of people think they might look silly sporting a bow, but we’ve tracked down 11 great ways to wear one without looking like it’s your first day of kindergarten.

DOUBLE UP (above) Try using black grosgrain ribbon (that’s the one that has the tiny lines going across) and double your bow on a high pony. Make sure the pony has a bit of a messy texture so you don’t look like you’re going to cheer at a pep rally– no offense, cheerleaders!

BEHIND YOUR BUN: Luckily, with our tutorials you can do a bun like this or this in a couple quick minutes. Buns + topknots are particularly great if you’re going out after a long day of work. Throw it up and clip a big bow in the back. Fancy, fast!

A BOW + BANGS: One of my all time favorite looks on girls with bangs is half up, half down with a bow in the back. Can be large or small or anywhere in between. It’s just gives such a vintage vibe! Pair it with a buttoned up blouse for a very prim + proper look.

LONG + LEAN: If you have super long hair, wear a long thin bow and let it get lost in your locks!

SIDE SCARF: If you’re trying to look casually cute around the house or over a weekend, grab a soft vintage scarf. Tie it around your head, make a bow and slide it to the side. Particularly cute on naturally wavy or curly girls.

TINY + JEWELED: LOVE this for a date (or any day for that matter). It’s so tiny, sweet, ¬†feels very feminine but something this tiny wouldn’t be overkill.

GOOD IN GOLD: Pretty obsessed with this one. Two of my favorite things: gold and bows. It’s girly and dainty but still looks chic and buttoned up.

SIDE SWEPT: You really have to be wearing something high-fashion and/or structured to pull off a side sweep with a bow. I love this look because it softens the whole thing. Extra benefit– keeps your bangs out of your eyes on a windy day.

SUPER CHIC STACK: What could be better than a hat/headband hybrid? This flat stacked bow is so perfectly tailored and set on a wide headband. Perfectly chic.

FLOPPY FABRIC: Throw some EVERY DAY WAVES in your hair, cut a strip of fabric and add a floppy bow that contrasts with or compliments your outfit!

OVERSIZED + WIRED: So many scarf/headbands are wired now! It’s one of the greatest things for those of us who like to have a little fun up top. May not be completely appropriate for work (unless you work here!) but you’re definitely the just-add-water life of the party when you show up with a giant bow on. It can be such a great ice breaker when hanging with an extended social circle. Also– everyone wants to hang out with THIS girl.


a bow + bang photo by Millie Clinton, behind your bun photo by The Alison Show, super chic stack Ulyana Sergeenko