Photos/Post by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

When you’re sick, you take aspirin to reduce inflammation. When you have an unhappy pimple, you’d do anything to reduce the inflammation. You’re curious to see if it will work on blemishes the same way it works on a fever, so you make a paste and try it out. Eureka!! The pimple has calmed down and is much smaller. Nuff said! Here’s how:


  • aspirin
  • hand sanitizer
  • spoon
  • distilled water
  • small bowl
  • glass palette (optional)


  1. Sanitize your fingers by washing them with anti-bacterial soap or sanitizing spray. I love Burt’s Bees Hand Sanitizer because it has aloe and witch hazel in it which are both very soothing.
  2. Place one aspirin under a spoon. Place the palm of your hand on top of the spoon and press down over and over in a rolling motion until the aspirin is evenly crushed into a powder.
  3. Add a drop of distilled water (I sprayed the spoon with the sanitizing spray then filled it with distilled water and poured one drop over the crushed aspirin).
  4. Mix it together with your finger and decide if you need to add another drop. I added one more drop to make the paste, but you might not need to, or might have to add two.

  5. With your finger, cover the blemish with the paste.
  6. Wait 5 minutes for the paste to work then gently rinse off with water.

But if you’re allergic to aspirin, sadly, this mask isn’t for you.