Hosting a party? You’ll probably need a hairstyle that will hold up while you finish prepping the party for your guests. Now before you get intimidated and RUN from these 25 (which seems like a lot) steps, just know that most of theses steps are broken down into serious detail. It’s not that crazy, I promise. To duplicate this look, you’ll want to actually¬†see the intricate details because that’s what makes this look so special. It shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 min to do after you’ve waved your hair. This looks extra-romantic when done on naturally curly or wavy hair–it also saves a lot of time! Ok, here goes!¬†

You will need: a beach spray, a light holding “flexible” hairspray, a comb, a 1″ barell curling iron, bobby pins, 1 clear elastic, a blowdryer and a soft detangling brush.

  1. Start with clean dry hair. (If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can skip down to step 10.)
  2. Spray some beach wave spray at the root all over. This will help add texture and volume.
  3. Once you’ve applied beach spray to your root, heat it up with a blowdryer. (Oops-¬†accidentally cut most of the blowdryer out of this photo, but that’s what’s happening.)
  4. Now apply a thin layer of flexible hairspray all over. Try to use something that’s also a heat protectant if possible.
  5. Gently brush the hair out using a soft brush.
  6. Leaving the ends out, curl your hair all over.
  7. Here’s an extra visual of curling with the ends out.
  8. Tease the crown for a little volume.
  9. Smooth it over.
  10. Take the bottom section of your hair and make a low loop using a clear elastic. Pull the ends around and mess it up a little. Then give it a light spray with hairspray.
  11. Take two pieces above that and twist them backward (inward toward each other).
  12. Now tie them together right above the clear elastic.
  13. Pin them together and then pin it to your clear elastic.
  14. Do another twist and tie right above that.
  15. Pin that together as well.
  16. If you have extra loose pieces, you can twist them and weave them through.
  17. Here’s an illustrated shot so you can see where the hair is weaved through.
  18. Braid a piece on the left side and pin.
  19. Braid a piece on the right side and pin.
  20. Take the remaining sections in front and lightly tease. If your hair is naturally curly, don’t tease it here!
  21. Twist the hair and pull out a couple fine strands as you twist.
  22. Pull that section back.
  23. Pin it.
  24. Lightly tease the bottom of the ponytail part for a little extra texture. Again, don’t tease here if your hair is naturally curly.
  25. Spray all over with a finishing hairspray.

If you do this and you Instagram it, please tag us @thebeautydept! We would love to see your final result. Remember– don’t try too hard. This hairstyle should be loose and flow-y, not too tight. xo