photos/post/grahic design: Kristin Ess

Calling all curly girls! Here’s a fun, fancy little updo for you. We get lots of requests for updos on curly hair from our readers who want to embrace their natural texture. Working with curls when doing an updo is so much fun because almost anything you do looks romantic + girly! This tutorial is pretty easy and you can accessorize it with anything you want. Here we added a necklace from J. Crew  (incorporating jewelry into the hair is always SO much fun!) but you can add flowers, a headband, or just leave it plain + simple! If you don’t have curly hair and you want this look, you can always spend some time and curl your entire head with 5/8″ or 3/4″ barrell iron and then follow along! Let’s do it… 

  1. On clean, combed, wet hair work a golfball-sized dab of mousse into your hair. Start at the root and work down.
  2. Diffuse your hair or you can just let it airdry if you’re not a fan of the diffuser.
  3. If you have any extra frizzy/misbehaved bits, wrap curl them around a 5/8″ barrell curling iron.
  4. Add a light hold styling spray if your curls feel too soft. Nothing too sticky! You don’t want to rough up the curls by pulling them apart after using a strong hairspray.
  5. Separate the “bangs” section as you see in photo 5. Clip that away and save it for later.
  6. Pull up half of your hair. Start behind the ears and pull it up on top near the crown.
  7. Twist that whole section and pin it in place.
  8. Use a ponytail holder (best if you use one that matches your own hair color) to make a ponytail in back. You want the ponytail to end up right below that bone that you can feel in the back of your head (the occipital bone).
  9. Roll that ponytail up into a loose, messy bun and pin using large bobby pins.
  10. Take the “bangs” section out of the clip.
  11. Pull it back, twist and secure into the bun.
  12. Once that’s secured, spray everything with a light holding hairspray.

Hope you’re enjoying hair week! See you tomorrow. xo

PS– the blazer can be found HERE and the necklace in her hair can be found HERE.