post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

First let me say it was very hard for me to post a picture of a blemish on TBD! But in the name of sharing secrets, I decided it was worth it. Here’s how I cover blemishes in a way that you can even do on bare skin (like I did on our model in the top picture above). If you wear foundation, then do this technique after you first apply foundation all over. 



  1. Stroke the liner brush across the concealer stick to load a thin layer.
  2. Start at the center of the blemish and cover the blemish itself.
  3. Fan the brush from the center outward like star points to cover the red area that circles around the blemish from irritation.
  4. Sanitize your finger then gently blend out the perimeter of where you applied the concealer.
  5. Dip your blending brush into the lid of the loose powder and tap off excess onto your counter.
  6. Lightly dust the powder over the concealer to set it.

Remember, a blemish is always much easier to conceal if it’s not flakey and you haven’t picked it! If it has an unsightly white top, resist your urge to pop and try our Secret Blemish Trick. It will change your life!