photos/post/design: Kristin Ess

We love a good egg hunt to celebrate Spring! We love it even more when they’re filled with nail polish and nail stickers. Here’s our favorite way to incorporate trend + tradition.

  1. Get hollow plastic eggs and put a polish inside (try to get a larger size so you can fit everything in). Saw these at TargetĀ in the seasonal sale aisle and nearly passed out.
  2. I always save extra nail art stickers. If you have individuals + extras laying around, throw one in to coordinate with the polish color. Just one or two are great for an accent nail.
  3. Close it up and hide ’em.

The nail colors above are: (left to right) Flora, Royal Blush, Wednesday and Wasabi. And the nail art stickers are from a Japanese beauty supply store. If you have one near you, you should definitely go! They’re stocked with the best nail stickers all the time!! xo