post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

Never before has there been an easier way for even the biggest novice to apply false lashes. I stumbled upon these a couple weeks ago at CVS (ok, honestly I know every single aisle and product there so there’s no chance for something new to sneak by me) and I was so irritated that I didn’t think of them first! So genius. Why? Because individual lashes take practice and have a tendency to turn on their sides in wild directions (dodgy little things) and lash strips tend to either stick up at the corners or look too costume-y. But these little beauties are fool proof and look amazing. 


  • I-Envy by Kiss Lash Trios — they’re not even listed on their website yet so you’ll have to take a trip to CVS to find them in the false lashes section until they do and I can add the link. You can also make your own trios (or any size) like we did in our DIY Lash Bar tutorial!
  • Lash Glue — Duo Lash Glue is the classic choice and easy to find; I like the white version that dries clear but it also comes in black.
  • Tweezers — I love Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers both for plucking eyebrows and for applying lashes.


  1. Squeeze a dollop of glue into the oh-so handy glue pocket in the packaging.
  2. Wait two minutes for the glue to get tacky then pick up a short trio with the tweezers and dip the strip end into the glue.
  3. Place the short trio directly on top of your own lashes at the lashline. You can place them in the center or a little towards your inner corner like I did on Ashley above.
  4. Place a second short trio directly next to the first one (towards the outer corner).
  5. One by one place three medium trios towards the outer corner directly next to each other and next to the short trios. We did two shorts + three mediums but you can try any combination you like: all mediums, all shorts, 2 mediums and 2 short, etc. There is also another version available with two rows of X-Short and two rows of Short Trios, which is brilliant for those of us with shorter lashes.