post + photos by amy nadine; graphic design by eunice chun

Let’s all take life a little less seriously and do something bold and super girly every now and then! I can’t tell you how easy it is to do… but I can show you! If you can draw lines with a pen, you can draw lines along your bottom lashline. Such a perfect pair for a cat eye! Here’s how: 


  • Black Liquid Liner — I used Mark Get In Line Waterproof Liquid Liner in Painted Black, my trustworthy favorite that I discovered in 2008 doing Lauren Conrad’s beauty campaigns for Mark Cosmetics. It’s the most user-friendly brush that I’ve ever found and the formula is waterproof so it won’t flake.
  • Colored Liquid Liner (optional) — I used Lime Crime Uniliner in Blue Milk, a gorgeous matte baby blue, but you can use any of their gorgeous matte colors (remember my Rainbow Liner Tutorial a few months back?).
  • Pointed Q-tip (optional) to wipe off and start again if you make any mistakes.


  1. With a steady hand, draw line by line along the lower lashline, slightly diagonally so the flare outwards instead of straight down. Draw the lines a little longer towards the outer corner then gradually get shorter as you move inward. Make sure to space them so there’s still room in between for the second color.
  2. Now draw similar lines in between the black ones with the colored liquid liner.
  3. If you mess up, simply go back with a pointed Q-tip and clean it up while the product is still wet.

You can do any color combination that you’re in the mood for… go preppy with purple and green, go trendy with black and white… the possibilities are endless! Or just draw black lines like Carissa did in the top picture as that on its own makes a big impact.