Today is the beginning of our Blush & Bronzing Series! Our goal is to simplify it as much as we can but still help you see the impact. Our three golden rules for bronzing are:

  1. Pick a bronzer that isn’t orangey oompa loompa.
  2. Always tap away excess on the counter and swirl the brush on the back of your hand first. Hear my voice in your head: you can’t ever go directly from the compact to your face! It has to go through the back of your hand first to grant access to your face. This ensures it will never get muddy.
  3. And apply it where the sun would hit your face if you were lounging on a chaise in Tulum!

Here’s how:


  • Bronzing Powder — pick one that is shimmer free and is more brown than orange. I use Zuzu Luxe Mineral Bronzer in D32 for lighter skin tones and D28 for warmer skin tones  because it’s a Vegan line that I love, but I also swear by Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte for lighter skin tones and Suntan Matte for darker skin tones.
  • Bronzing Brush — there are many styles that you can choose from but my favorites are kabuki brushes because of the control the short handle gives and the Hourglass No. 2 Brush that I used for this shoot because of the denseness and softness of the bristles.


  1. Tilt your head up and imagine where the sun’s rays would hit your features.
  2. Dip your brush in the compact, tap off any excess on the counter, swirl the brush on the back of your hand to smooth it out, then start by sweeping the brush across the top of your hairline.
  3. Next fill in your forehead and temples. Go back to reload, tap away excess, swirl a little on the back of your hand, then sweep across your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose and tap a little on your chin.
  4. Go back to reload, tap away excess, swirl a little on the back of your hand, then lift your chin. No, the sun wouldn’t reach your neck, but that’s why you have to go back and make sure to fill it in as well. Otherwise your chest and face will be a different color than your neck!