photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

I know you lovelies with the superfine hair need help, too! Hopefully this will help you let your hair down for New Years. If you’re having trouble getting texture in your fine straight hair, try this!

  1. Time to buy a bottle of mousse, which many of us haven’t used in forever. You don’t want anything that’s going to be too sticky or heavy. My favorites are THIS by Leonor Greyl, THIS by Living Proof and THIS by Kerastase. The Leonor Greyl one is my personal favorite for volume but I use the others often and they’re all really great!
  2. Apply at the root first and then drag it down to the middle-ish. I don’t like to put it on the ends because sometimes it creates a tangly or dry feel due to the co-polymers.
  3. Rough dry about 75% of the way or 80-85% if it’s really cold or rainy where you are.
  4. Do one classic braid on each side. Nothing fancy.
  5. Now pull the braids apart. This is the best trick for breaking up that braid pattern so you don’t look like you crimped your hair. The more you drag the pieces out, the more you loosen those waves up. do it as much as you can without destroying the actual braid. Don’t worry about loose layer pieces. Let them fall!
  6. Now you have the option– you can either blowdry the rest of the way or you can sleep on it. Both ways work just fine! I had Nora blow her hair out here for time sake. We used medium heat and blew it dry for about 5-7 min per side. Once you do that, go get dressed or do your makeup and give the hair a chance to set after you’ve blown it dry.
  7. Unravel the braids gently and make sure the hair is completely dry.
  8. If you feel wet pieces, just go back in with the dryer on a medium wind setting and dry that piece. Twirl it around your finger while you dry it if you are afraid you’ll lose the wave.
  9. Check your hair in a mirror and look at the back. Make sure everything looks like it blends. If you need to shape a straight piece, just quickly wrap it around a wand. The whole point is to not use a curling iron, but if you have to make adjustments, go for it!
  10. Last but not least, add your favorite serum to the ends. For this we used my current favorite by Kerastase which is THIS bottle of perfection– All shine, zero weight.

Good luck, ladies! If you have a favorite product for fine hair, please tell us about it in the comments. Some of our girls really wanna hear about it!