photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

We definitely appreciate smooth, shiny locks around here but there’s something to be said for having fun with texture, too. Lately I’ve set down the curling iron on a lot of my photoshoots and just used the flat iron to make waves. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Blow your hair out using a soft holding, volumizing mousse or blowdry foam. I like Mousse Nutri Sculpt by Kerastase, Full Thickening Mousse by Living Proof and “Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice” by Leonor Greyl.
  2. Clamp + twist the flat iron 180° while holding the ends out in the opposite direction (as you see in photo 2). Spin the iron slowly, but quick enough so you don’t make dents. You basically want to clamp the iron and then “flip” it. Try using the iron on medium heat until you get really good at it. When you remove the iron you should have curve number one.
  3. Just below curve number one, clamp the flat iron and spin it the opposite way.
  4. Repeat the pattern again and again. Look at the middle picture– see how she places her finger and pulls from the top? That helps to not loosen the wave you’ve already created above. Check you wave each time you make a new curve. Make sure you’re liking the pattern and not getting dent. If you DO get dents, put a little water on the spot, let it air dry while you’re doing other pieces and come back to it once it’s dry. You have to put a little moisture back in before you can get a dent out. (I use a spray bottle and lightly mist the spot.)
  5. Continue through the ends. I like to leave about an inch to an inch and a half out of the iron to let it be straight because I think that makes it look a little more modern.
  6. Do the whole head. Once you get going it gets easier. Don’t break up the waves with your fingers until the very end. Let them cool in the patterns you’ve created.
  7. Last but not least, add a little water-base pomade to your roots. I used this one by Oribe. Warm it up in your palms and then rub it in from underneath. This will help the waves stay “locked” and appear less frizzy. After your put it on the root, put whatever is left on your hands through the ends.

Good luck! Are you a fan of flat iron curls? Tell us your favorite method below if you have one! xo