photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

Tis almost the holiday season, friends! Too often we busy bees are under-prepared for all the parties, all the photos + all the gift giving. This DIY will help us look lovely and stay ahead of schedule.

I was in Anthropologie the other day. I LIVE for that place, but you can easily rack up a major bill… fast. For the last couple years I’ve been buying these sparkly, flower-shaped hair clips. They’re stunning, but they’re $20-30 each. It’s cute to make a cluster of them behind a topknot or above a chignon, but it would cost a fortune if you bought that many. Let’s save some money and make them ourselves, shall we? This way you’re ahead of the gal pal gift-giving game and/or you’ll have something around that you can quickly clip in your hair for some sparkle when you’re running behind for a holiday fête! Here we go!

  1. Get some sparkly appliques from a sewing supply store, fabric store or craft store.
  2. Ask someone in the fabric store for swatches of fabric that compliment your sparkly applique.
  3. Get a pack of snap clips.
  4. Trace around the applique, leaving an excess 1/4″ on each side.
  5. Cut just inside your mark so there’s no pen marks on the fabric you’re going to use.
  6. Lay your clip on the back of the fabric and make a mark at the base of the clip.
  7. Cut a little slit.
  8. Slide the clip through.
  9. After you slide the clip through, flip it over and hot glue the base and tip to the fabric.
  10. Now set the applique over the side where you see the top of the clip (see photo 10).
  11. Trim and perfect the edges.
  12. Hot glue the applique to the fabric.

Exchange these with all your girls and compile your own eclectic mix. Let’s see the ones you make! Tweet us a photo @TBDofficial.