photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

You can translate this huge Fall trend in a small way, or really go for it! You can play with different formulas too… burgundy lipstick, lip gloss, stains, matte balms or liners paired with gold powder eye shadow, cream shadow or gold metallic lipstick. Makeup is supposed to be fun and a creative outlet, so choose by your mood that day or what you have in your makeup drawer! Here’s how we did it:


  • We used this burgundy lip liner because it has an amazing slip to it and isn’t too drying.
  • We chose this burgundy lipstick because it’s the mecca of lipstick with its creamy and luxurious finish. You can also try this more budget-friendly one; it’s not as intensely pigmented but it’s nice for those of you who want a lighter version.
  • We applied Tom Ford’s Limited Edition Cream Shadow but it’s completely sold out everywhere (sorry!), but try this one that is just as gorgeous and actually more Baroque in color!


  1. Fill in your entire lip with the lip liner to create a solid base and help the lipstick last longer. Like a coloring book, start with the outline then go back and shade it in.
  2. Add a coat of the lipstick directly from the tube or with a lip brush.
  3. Make a fingerprint in the gold shadow.
  4. Stamp your finger in the center of your bottom lip (it helps if your lips are open) then again lightly on your top lip. Sometimes you get it right in one stamp, sometimes you have to go back and repeat steps 3 + 4. Finish with a clear gloss if desired.

Tweet us pictures or use our Instagram hashtag #thebeautydepartment! And keep an eye out for my Baroque lip paired with my most favorite burgundy accessory for Fall!!