photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

This little tip takes less than 5 seconds yet give a huge payoff {I cannot tell you enough how maaaajor it is!}. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t do this on myself or on my clients. Unless you’re going for spider lashes, you HAVE to first wipe your mascara wand on a tissue or the back of your hand every day to minimize the superfluous product before it gets on your lashes and creates clumps. It is the only way to build volume in layers without everything becoming a hot mess.

TBD CHALLENGE: Assuming you’ve already applied your makeup this morning, with your camera phone, zoom in tightly on your eye like in the picture above and snap a picture. It’s always easier to see what we’re actually walking around looking like by photographing it and examining it up close. I have a feeling that you might be surprised at how clumpy your lashes are! It’s not a crime or anything {I was a victim for years before I learned this trick!} and sometimes it’s just a preference…  but just humor me and tomorrow when it’s time to do your makeup again, roll your mascara wand across a tissue to get rid of the excess product before you apply two coats on your lashes. Then take another close-up picture and compare it to today’s. {Don’t bother thanking me, wink wink, I’m just happy knowing there’s one more TBDarling out there with gorgeous lashes!}.

Please tweet us your before-tip + post-tip close-up eye shots to @TBDofficial or use the hashtag #TBDlashperfection on Instagram!!

{For those of you who love knowing everything about everything, here are the links to exactly what I used on Carissa above! This eye shadow in Siren, this mascara, this super-fine brow pencil in Deep Brown and this bottom waterproof eye liner in Gun Metal}