photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

We continue our Why Not? Series with this fun one that will really wow your friends! It’s such a playful and creative take on winged-out liquid liner and easy to do with this DIY stencil. After trying to make the scalloped edge with a hole puncher {too small} or drawing it freehand {might work for a lot of you but didn’t for me}, I remembered this heart pattern that I used to doodle all over my notebooks in high school and wondered if the top half could make a nice scalloped edge… and somehow, it did just that! You’ll find this one easier if you enlist a friend to do it on each other, so I borrowed my friend Areana and here’s what we did!

TOOLS: Index card, business card or scrapbook paper, pen, small scissors, liquid liner {any color will work; we used this one}, pointed q-tip.

  1. On a small piece of scrapbook paper, copy the heart pattern above by drawing a heart that continues into an upside-down heart that becomes a right-side-up heart and so on {so much fun I could do it for hours!}. Do it diagonally from one end of the paper all the way across to the opposite side.
  2. With a pair of small scissors, cut along the top side of the hearts to create the stencil.
  3. Place the stencil along the upper lid, just above the lash line and fill in the spaces with the liquid liner, starting in the inside corner and going a few “scallops” out past the lash line. I placed the stencil straight for the lash line and at a slight diagonal for the “wing.”
  4. Go back with the liner and sweep it along lash line to connect the semi-circles.
  5. Smooth out any mishaps with a pointed q-tip. If the liquid has already dried, dip the q-tip into eye makeup remover first.

If you love to think outside of the box and march to the beat of your own drum, this one’s definitely for you!