photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

We couldn’t believe how many emails we got asking how to do the brows from last week’s Mastering Falsies post, especially because we did them the easiest way out there… with a brow stencil! So I grabbed my cousin Emily again to show you exactly how simple it is to do.

TOOLS: Powder shadow in your exact brow shade or darker for more drama, a stiff-angled brow brush, a spooly or disposable mascara wand, tweezers and a brow stencil. We scored and used this kit that comes with all of it (and different stencil shapes, a wax to set them and a highlighter).

  1. With the spooly, comb your brow hairs up and over.
  2. Fit the stencil precisely where you want the shape of the brow to be, paying attention to the position of your own natural arch.
  3. With the stiff-angled brush, fill inside the stencil by shading the powder using small quick strokes.
  4. Let the new brow shape be your guide to stray any random hairs that are not part of it.

That’s it! I swear it really is as easy as it looks. Of course if you don’t want to go the stencil route, you can always use our Brows 101 guide that Lauren Conrad so kindly lent us her brows for too.